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LETTERS: Parents blast ‘School of Choice’ in ABCUSD


Cerritos residents and are very displeased with the ABC School Districts handling of School of Choice. As parents of Cerritos students our concerns are not being heard. One of our concerns is that our students are not given priority over students from other cities, or even other school districts. Dr. Smutts said at one of the school board meetings that Cerritos students are first in the School of Choice lottery, then students from other cities in the ABC School District, then all other inquirers.
However, after extensive research we have found out that this is not the case. Instead Cerritos students are lumped together with all School of Choice requests. As a result our students are placed high on waiting lists and often do not get into the schools that we are requesting and the students from cities and school districts are taking our students seats.
There are slots left available for students outside our district, outside our city, and people for who work here. The ABC school district receives more funds per student that comes from other cities and from outside our district than for a Cerritos resident student; and that is why the District chooses those students over our students. Cerritos residents are paying much higher rates for our homes/taxes and we should be able to make decisions on which schools are best for our children.
All we are asking is that the Cerritos School district follow the standards that they themselves have set for us. We do not mind sharing our schools, but we want the first choice. Let us have our schools back.

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