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Plain Jane Bandit Hit Cerritos Bank

Cerritos Sheriff Watch Commander tells Cerritos Newspaper reporter asking questions to “call back in an hour”.

The “Plain Jane Bandit” has struck again, holding up a Chase branch in Cerritos. The suspect robbed the branch located on the 11000 block of South Street at about 10:40 a.m. Tuesday. This is the eighth bank she’s hit across Southern California within a span of less than a month.

Just a day before, the suspect held up a Bank of America branch on Paramount Boulevard in Downey.

During the Cerritos robbery, the suspect left before getting any money. Though she did not show a weapon, detectives say she should be considered armed and dangerous.The FBI says Plain Jane uses the same method every time. She walks into a bank, and shows the teller a note asking for cash. She has also indicated that a second person is waiting for her outside the bank, but no accomplice has ever been seen.

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