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District Attorney creates “hot line” for criminal tips inside LA County Assessor’s Office

By Brian Hews

In a highly unusual move, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has established a new 24-hour a day hot line for employees who work inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office to call in possible criminal activity tips into a massive wide ranging probe of alleged influence peddling, fraud and bribery activities.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has obtained a memo from Santos Kreimann, Chief Deputy Assessor announcing the “District Attorney Investigation Hotline.”

“The purpose of this memorandum it to inform you (employees of the Assessor’s Office) that the District Attorney has established a hotline for those employees who wish to provide information regarding the investigation into the Assessor’s Office.”

The memo lists a number of (213) 974-2238 for interested parties to call in information about possible crimes committed inside the besieged office.
Kreimann tells employees that “you can leave information on a recording and leave your contact information or remain anonymous if you prefer.”

“This office is committed to ensuring that the District Attorney’s Office has all the necessary information it needs to conduct a thorough investigation,” Kreimann said.

LCCN called the number on Thursday afternoon and a recording states that the hotline is indeed been established by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office of Public Integrity specifically for people who want to leave information into possible criminal activities inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.

  • DA INSIDER says:

    Desperate move by the office because they cant find anything on Noguez. Schenter did a con job on the DA sent them after Noguez and the Assessors office to keep them from looking into his past 10 yrs of value lowering for his personal gain. DA = Duped Again