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BREAKING: Man Arrested After ‘Dark Knight’ Gun Threat Made at AMC Norwalk 20 Complex

By Brian Hews

Norwalk Sheriff’s halted the threat of a movie-goer on Sunday night during an airing of the controversial “Batman Dark Knight” after he made a loud scream that he “wanted to go off like in Colorado.”

According to Norwalk Sheriff’s Captain Patrick Maxwell, a movie patron approached theater security Sunday and said he was fearful of a moviegoer inside a showing of “The Dark Knight,” because he was shouting about a gun and Colorado.

Maxwell said Norwalk Sheriff’s Station deputies were called, and an AMC  Norwalk 20 Theater security officer went inside the movie theatre and saw that the 52-year suspect had a backpack and was on his knees in the second row of seats.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and detained the suspect. Several witnesses confirmed that the suspect had created a disturbance in the theater at 5:15PM, at first by shouting that the movie had not yet started.

The suspect, identified as Clark Tabor, then allegedly held his cell phone in the air and yelled “Does anyone have a gun?” and “I should go off like in Colorado.”

The witnesses said that they were afraid the suspect was going to remove a gun from his backpack and shoot them.

No weapons were found during the search of the suspect, the movie theater, and surrounding area. There were no guns found during a search of the suspect’s residence.

The movie facility is located immediately across the street from the Norwalk Sheriff’s Department, so response time was literally within minutes of the call, according to law enforcement.

Suspect Tabor was arrested for Making Criminal Threats, a felony (422(a) of the California Penal Code). He is being held in the Men’s Central Jail of the Los Angeles County jail system on $50,000 bail plus unrelated warrants. His next scheduled court date is Tuesday, July 24, at Bellflower Court. http://app4.lasd.org/iic/details.cfm?bkg=15FDCDD7D076FA.

  • FFL says:

    Gee with all this stuff going on it sure makes ya wanna go to the movies! My wife and I quit going to walk in flicks at least five years or more ago. The prices plus the idiotic, moronic cliental, and GARBAGE nature of movies and hollyweird in general has kept us away. We vote now with our feet and pocketbooks.

  • Love says:

    I would not wanna go I would be scared to death