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Bryce Harkey: La Mirada Youth Becomes Rising Star in Motocross

Bryce Harkey

La Mirada teen Bryce Harkey soars to the future in motocross

By Chente D. Ramirez
Staff Reporter

Bryce Harkey, age 17, from La Mirada is on the rise and on is well on his way to becoming an amateur professional Motocross biker.
Harkey held his very first media interview with Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and La Mirada’s Lamplighter last week.
Bryce said his dedication and passion for amateur motocross biking began at age 12 with just “riding around on bikes” as a child.
Over the past years he has developed a strong passion for the sport and has now fully dedicated himself to amateur motocross, now on his way to becoming professional.
Bryce has just graduated high school from Capistrano Connections Academy, a free virtual online school in Southern California. Capistrano Connections Academy has extremely helped Bryce by providing flexibility with time in order for him to pursue motocross biking and to obtain an education.
The dedication that Bryce has had for motocross biking has left him extremely injured with broken bones, broken legs, and emergency lift helicopter rides from motocross championship events but that does not seem to stop him from continuing his passion.
His mind, his heart, and his desire have left him thriving for the success during recuperation from a broken leg injury. Bryce has decided to fully dedicate himself with all that he has got and with his life in the sport.

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