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LCCN Readers Sound Off on Barrows/Gray Incident

Dear Editor:
This may also be considered hair-splitting, but several have tossed about the term “assault” and accused Barrows of having committed that crime.
When discussing criminal acts we must look to the penal code, not the dictionary, for appropriate definitions.
In the penal code, an assault is defined as “an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another.”
In essence, an assault is an attempted battery (swing fist at another and miss, striking nothing.)
If the assault is successful (swing fist at another and connect) then the crime generally becomes “battery” which is defined as “any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.”

The police report clearly mentions the phrase “battery (Viol. of 242PC)” because that is the crime that Gray wanted Barrows arrested for. Barrows, in turn, “was desirous of prosecution on s/v Gray for disturbing his peace by making comments about s/v Barrow’s wife.”
I believe the notation “s/v” may stand for “suspect/victim” because the report writer was seeking to convey that both Barrows and Gray were claiming to be victims and also alleging that one another were suspects.
Submitted at loscerritosnews.net

Dear Editor:

I really hope this is not going to be covered up and forgotten. He is going to be our next mayor and he acts in a manner that is unacceptable and a very poor example for our youth. It doesn’t matter if a code was broken what matters is moral behavoir and Mr. Barrows showed a lack of it.
Cheryl from Cerritos

Dear Editor:
A: Barrows 1.) Sought out Gray AFTER an official City Council Budget session.
2.) Barrows FIRST called Gray [email protected] BEFORE Grays remarks back.
3.) Barrows GRABBED and PUSHED Gray in his own words/account.
So BLAME THE PAPER/MEDIA, BLAME GRAY, BLAME BARROWS HIGH SUGAR DIET. But the FACTS are PLAIN. Bruce Barrows REFUSES to accept responsibility for his outrageous, reprehensible and OUT OF CONTROL BEHAVIOR.
The Cover Up and Conspiracy are; WHERE is the Police Report on the EYE WITNESS to Barrows actions? IS the published police report the SAME report that was written by the interviewing officer? WHY was Barrows allowed to ‘phone in’ his version. Is this standard operating procedure for person(s) accused of a crime? WHY IS THE CERRITOS SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT WITHHOLDING INFORMATION?
Submitted at loscerritosnews.net

Dear Editor:
FACT: Nobody believed the LCCN when they published the story on L.A. County Tax Assessor Noguez but THEY PUBLISHED THE TRUTH ANYWAY…
Were it not for the courageous reporting of the LCCN and Randy Economy, this outrageous scandal would have gone on totally unrestrained.
FACT: Bruce Barrows was the provocateur in the attack on Jay Gray; BARROWS sought out Gray, BARROWS called Gray A$$Hol# and BARROWS physically assaulted Gray. Those are the FACTS.
Thank God for the GUTSY, q, HONEST news reporting of Randy Economy and the Brilliance and Backbone of Publisher Brian Hews.
Submitted at loscerritosnews.net

Dear Editor:
Not sure why the LCCN is after Bruce but so be it. Sure, violence is never the answer but it surely would not be the first time an idiot got a poke in the face for making disparaging remarks about another man’s wife. Why was this man hounding the councilman after a public meeting where he could of brought up the same questions in the public comments section or after a public hearing presentation. All sounds like a set up to me. But then again speak to the witness, the always reliable Mr. McMahon “attorney”???
Submitted at loscerritosnews.net

Dear Editor

How can ANY PERSON defend the actions of Barrows. He said he did it.
Listen to his own words.
Get rid of Barrows, and any city staff member that tries to cover his sorry pathetic actions.
He has been a total disgrace for YEARS, all he cares about is being a big shot, traveling all over the world, and chasing his stupid trains.
Let’s RECALL him once and for all…
Submitted at loscerritosnews.net

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