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Stovetop Fire Leads to 2,000 pounds / $6 Million Marijuana Seizure in Norwalk

Thursday June 28, 2012 6:04 PM: Deputies at the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station responded to a condominium Thursday evening regarding a “fire” call on the 12000 block of Cheshire Street, Norwalk. When deputies and Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel arrived at the location, they saw smoke coming out of the windows.


Based on the emergent nature of the situation, they made entry into the residence to locate possible victims inside. There was no one in the condominium. They determined the source of the smoke was food burning on the range top.


After the fire was extinguished, the deputies noticed a large amount of marijuana in several adjacent rooms. Deputies obtained a search warrant and recovered over 2000 pounds of large packaged marijuana worth an estimated street value of over $6,000,000.


Detectives were unable to locate any suspects and are investigating the owners of the condominium.


If you have further information, contact LASD Norwalk Sheriff’s Station detectives (562) 863-8711.


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  • Drugs in Norwalk? says:

    You CAN’T BE SERIOUS? DRUGS IN NORWALK? Wonder what the City Council thinks about these type of “condo pot shops” that have popped up EVERYWHERE here in town. Shame on our Mayor for allowing this to take place. Shameful.