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Forty Nine Noguez employees contributed nearly $40K to 2010 election effort

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

 49 Noguez employees contributed nearly $40K to 2010 election effort

49 Noguez employees contributed nearly $40K to 2010 election effort

Nearly 50 high ranking employees inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office have given a total of nearly $40,000 in political contributions to the recently semi-departed Assessor John R. Noguez, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper is reporting on Wednesday.
Publisher Brian Hews said in a statement that it “is important to follow the political campaign cash” that has been poured into Noguez during the past decade as the nation’s largest elected property appraiser.”
“Our readers tell us that they want real transparency when it comes to political donations to our local elected officials,” Hews said in a statement. “The money being passed around inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office is emblematic of the pay-to-play practices that have become a daily ritual.”
“This just shows the inherent lack of policies and procedures and how everything is so interconnected, it reminds me of the Mordidas bribary stories my mom (who was from Mexico) used to tell me,” said Hews.
Below is a list of the employees and the donation amount:

  1. Peter G Andersen $500
  2. Ronald A. Arison $1,000
  3. Susan Bailey $200
  4. Barry Bosscher $700
  5. David S. Brehault $1,000
  6. Janet Brehault $1,000
  7. Steve Brown $100
  8. Joseph Choi $100
  9. Richard Castillo $600
  10. Marcus De Laat $ 1,000
  11. Meav Ear $500
  12. Denny M. Estrada $1,100
  13. Michael Flancer $ 1,000
  14. Manuel Gallegos $800
  15. Milan M. Garcia $1,000
  16. Kurt D. Gensicke $2,000
  17. PN Gibson $425
  18. Eric Haagenson $1,000
  19. Dale E Hammonds $200
  20. Michael Hayes $1,400
  21. Lito I Hugo $200
  22. Paul Jones $1,100
  23. Jon Kamayatsu $250
  24. Jung Sung Kim $1,000
  25. Teddy S. Kwong $1,000
  26. Peter W. Lee $2,000
  27. Robert L. Luther $200
  28. Mark McNiel $1,000
  29. E. Kathleen Mc Watters $600
  30. Perry Mittleman $600
  31. Sharon Moller $1,000
  32. Essam W. Morcos $250
  33. Veronica T. Moser $250
  34. Rafael Naval $600
  35. Luis Orendain Jr $1,000
  36. Maria Parisi $500
  37. Carol Wong Quan $ 200
  38. Robert Quan $1,000
  39. George Renkei $1,000
  40. Grace Roxas $600
  41. Raymund Roxas $500
  42. Scott Schenter $1,000
  43. Jason Scholz $2,000
  44. Christein M. Sciupac $1,000
  45. Roger Wall $200
  46. Lourdes Umali $500
  47. Laura M. Winslow $250
  48. Tammy Fun Yuen Yue $250
  49. David Zoraster $2,000
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  • Roger Marshall says:

    WOW! “PAY to PLAY” now has a Big Brother, “PAY to WORK”
    Look’s like Noquez and Company are on their way to Twin Towers. What a crook!!

  • Juanito Nogoogoogez says:

    Hi to all my “friends” above. I just wanted to check in with you while I’m enjoying my vaction( oops- I mean my “leave of absence”) at taxpayers expense !!! LOL, haha- you suckers bought in to my smarmy little twink act. BTW- I had the cutest leatherman outfit made up for the pride parade- it was FABULOUS. Guess where I am- OK I’m at “the palace” licking- I mean sipping a fuzzy navel with my “friend”. I’m sorry that I can’t deliver the promotions that I promised in return for your contributions ( actually I’m not sorry- I’m having too much fun to really care about you) and to those who did get their promtions- sorry if you colleagues silently regard you with scorn and contempt- My BOY Santos (the Claws) is gonna get rid of you for me- so the house will be clean when I return in 75 days- That’s right – no jail for me. I’m making a deal and selling all you breeders out.

  • Juanito Nogoogoogez says:

    I forgot to say adios to all mi amigos, amigas, muchachos( I love all you muchachos- especially with big muscles and tight butts) muchachas, padres, madres, tios, tias, abuelos y abulas, y tombien- buenas noches, TODO EL MUNDO!!!!!!!!!! y VIVA LA RAZA, Si, se puede- mi vida loca. this is the act I give to my “mesican” “friends” at the taco shack- to show um I’m a homie. they don’t know I’m a silly savage. They don’t like maricones.

  • Chuck U. Farley says:

    This pig Nogooze is utterly deSPICable! The shmamefull arrogance displayed by his actions are truly revolting. Whether or not he is ever indicted, convicted, and incarcerated- If he was a real man- the way he desribes himself, with his tacky painted cross on Ash Wednesday, he would realize that the allegations alone render him unfit to remain in office. He would realize that just the allegations against him and his friends have subjected his entire staff to scorn, ridicule, and contempt of the taxpayers they serve. But of course he doesn’t care- and this proves it. Juanito- if you do survive and don’t go to jail- realize your entire staff despises you- and were gonna put your pig agents- Solari, Ayoob, Slavin, etc- ( if they don’t go to jail with you)- back in their place. Agents are nothing more than filthy parasites obtaining tax reductions for filthy rich arrogant as*h**es.

  • Kathy Waters says:

    I demand my money back. If I don’t get a refund, Juanito, I’m going to stop giving reductions to your agents in my capacity as a member of the board. Now people see my name they can prove a conflict of interest in the reductions I gave.

  • Ted Kong says:

    I want a refund!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milon Garsia says:

    I did it for you, Juanito. Have Santos promote me or return my $1000

  • Linda Caraballo says:

    First and foremost I want to thank LCCN for all the hard work they have done to expose this corruption. It takes alot to produce such news worthy information to the public. Shame upon all those who gave money for a promotion. Mr. Noguez did the same thing in the City of Huntington Park. But Mr. Noguez used the Police Department. Police cars were picking up people at their homes and taking them to the polling places to vote for Mr. Noguez. Mr. Noguez funded the campains of Ofelia Hernandez who does not speak english, does not posses a high school diploma or drivers license, and Mario Gomez who does nothing. With these people in office Noguez managed to give big contracts out, controll the city of Huntington Park and abuse his power. This man is bad news, and once the dust dies down the County of Los Angeles has lost millions or billions. I want to thank Mr. Cooley for charging me with corruption removing me from office when all I was doing was exposing the truth. Mr. Cooley and his gang (Knabe) help this monster get out of control. (adios cooley) I hope the new DA does a better job with the department.

  • Pablo Juan Ernesto (Chewy) Rodrigeuz Salazar says:

    Ola Juanito mi mejor amigo y rata!!!! I just got in from Jalisco Mexico. They told me comming through TJ, you could hook me up with a geen card, work permit, and a passport, and I need a drivers license to. Mi tío got a 64 Chevy for me. and I need a good job PRONTO. One with little work and lots of money, do you know of any openings. But not where you work I heard you have a bad reputation there. Llámame pronto !!!

  • Wongdoings says:

    Mark, or whatever mocking name you choose to post under, is that you again? Your “crazy” is showing. Word to the wise: shut your piehole!

  • Chela says:

    Mr. Hews:

    Your paper’s lack of journalistic integrity by printing misinformation is even more evident by the lack of monitoring of comments that target individuals with abusive, off-topic or foul language and racist, sexist, homophobic or other offensive terminology.

    At least show some professional decency by removing inappropriate comments posted on your site.

    I do suspect that your willingness to continue to allow such posting is just so that your “Community” paper get more visitor hits.

    • Brian Hews says:

      Mr. Chela:
      We do not hold back comments, we encourage the free flow of information good or bad. First Amendment. I would imagine the comments left are by employees of the Assessor’s office who saw the graft and corruption-while they worked hard- and are now venting their frustrations. We don’t need “hits” I have over 150,000 readers per week with my printed newspaper.

  • Connie in Covina says:

    Thanks Los Cerritos Community Newspaper for pointing out the obvious that people who work for Noguez actually got DUPED in dumping cash into his political cash register. If I worked for ANY ELECTED official and WAS solicited to make a contribution to a campaign, I would be OUTRAGED and would LITERALLY SCREAM to any media outlet who would LISTEN.

    I live in Covina and have a couple of friends on this list.

    How stupid that they would fall for this “scheme.” Wake up people. WAKE THE HECK UP people! NEVER donate money to your political employer, PERIOD.

    We need more “community newspapers” that actually have the COURAGE to expose these criminal elected idiots inside the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration.

    Great job.

    I hope you win the PULITZER AWARD for your COVERAGE!

    Very IMPRESSED! How come the LA Times didn’t run this information? Oh, maybe Times Mirror made a donation to Noguez. You should check to see if they did….

  • Oldtimer says:

    The employees were only duped in that they believed that they would get a promotion. They deserve to lose their money and maybe even their CA State Certifications.

  • Wongdoings says:

    If Mr. Chela is indeed really Mr. Chela, then I hope he accepts my apology. If Mr. Chela is actually another one of Mr. Mcneils many aliases, then he had some “cojones” talking about racist, bigoted remarks, when he’s the one that wrote them. I think the only one that worries him is the one that implied he was crazy.

  • Common Sense says:

    To Juan, Ramin, Mark, George, & Andrew-
    You claim to be duped. This was not an election where removed people donate because they support some broad issue or philosophy like Conservatism or Progressivism. The donors knew that they would be directly affected by who won this election.
    Can you answer these questions:
    1. Is it ok to give money directly to a government official when you are directly affected by their decisions? (Legally and ethically acceptable)
    1. Why did you give money?
    2. Why did employees give money?
    3. Why did the tax attorneys give money?
    Many just jump to the conclusion that this is bad. Mark’s a lawyer, too. There might be legitimate answers. Maybe, we just haven’t heard the answers.

  • Pay to Play says:

    49 assessors + many sleazy attorneys had 2 days to answer why you donated to Noguez – None answered.
    I’ll answer the questions for you:
    1. Legally – Yes. Ethically – No.
    2. Mark, George, & Andrew: To show Noguez that you were truly behind him. He would reward you if he won. — He did.
    3. Employees: To help get promotions and/or more favorable positions in the office.
    4. Attorneys: To gain special access that the average taxpayer could not. Could the taxpayer send Noguez an email and expect a call back? – I doubt it. It’s a marketing tool that you can present to your clients. The results of lowered assessments prove that you had an advantage over non-donors.
    — That wasn’t so hard, was it?