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Cerritos Sheriff’s Deputies arrest burglary suspects after pursuit

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies from the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station/Community Safety Center recently arrested three suspects in a residential burglary incident.
On June 11, Cerritos Sheriff’s Station deputies responded to a call reporting a suspicious person looking over a wall. When deputies arrived, they saw a male suspect exit the front door of a victim’s residence and walk to a vehicle parked in front of the house. The suspect was detained and a containment of the location was initiated. After it was confirmed that a residential burglary had occurred at the location, an intense search for the additional suspects ensued, involving deputies and detectives from the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station, the Aero Bureau and the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station.
After approximately 30 minutes, an additional male suspect was found inside the garage of the house next door and a third male suspect was detained after running through Gridley Park. All three suspects, ages 24, 29 and 37, were arrested for residential burglary and were found to be gang members on active parole. All of the stolen property was recovered and returned to the victim.
During the preliminary investigation, Cerritos Sheriff’s Station detectives located property on the suspects that was stolen two hours prior in a residential burglary in Buena Park. A follow-up investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Division is underway.
Cerritos residents are encouraged to observe the activities in their neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station by calling (562) 860-0044. To report an emergency or a crime in progress, residents should call 911. More crime prevention tips are available on the City’s Safer Cerritos website at safercerritos.com

  • Cerritos resident says:

    Why is this titled with a pursuit? Where’s the info on the pursuit? I’m confused.