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PUBLISHERS RANT: Cerritos Mayor Pro-Tem Barrows calls resident A**hole

This is a Publishers Rant from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper regarding the current situation involving Cerritos Mayor Pro-Tem Bruce Barrows.

By Brian Hews, Publisher

Embattled Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows

Embattled Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrrows.

A**hole! A despicable word when, used towards a person, will likely initiate some kind of negative response.
But that is what Cerritos Mayor pro tem Bruce Barrows said to a resident of Cerritos because Barrows disagreed with him during a conversation after the June 4, 2012 council meeting.
This statement is in the Cerritos Sheriff’s police report. A report that interviewed the Cerritos resident, Barrows and a witness. Actually the witness reported Barrows called the resident a F***** A**hole.
Analyze the statement. What kind of person-who is a public servant no less- would call a resident-an active resident- that in public. With witnesses present?
Even if you are in a disagreement with someone, calling them an A***hole will increase the chances that things are not going to go well after that.
In two witness statements, which includes Barrows, after Barrows called the Cerritos resident an A**hole, the resident said, “at least your wife likes me”.
Which is where the incident went awry.
Barrows admitted in the report that he “lost control” after the wife statement, pushed the resident on the shoulder and then “walked away”.
Yet, the resident and witness both said it went farther than that, with Barrows grabbing the shirt and tie and pushing him against the wall. In the fluff Press Telegram story dated 6/5/12 “Barrows denied allegations by Gray that he had made other physical contact.”
So there is no question that Barrows called the resident an A***hole and assaulted him. The only question is the level of assault.
Can you imagine what would happen if an LA County Supervisor called a resident an A**hole after a meeting?
Can you imagine what would happen if a California Assemblyperson called a resident an A**hole after a meeting?
Can you imagine what would happen if a Congressperson called a resident an A**hole after a meeting? And they did this with witnesses?
Why is it OK that Barrows did it?
Where is the outrage Cerritos?
If Cerritos mayor pro tem Barrows can call a Cerritos resident a A**hole for a simple disagreement and then accost that person, what is next?
We can all just F***** imagine.

  • Res Ipsa says:

    Just for the record Mr. Hews, you are contending that the statement Mr. Gray made to Mr. Barrows was “at least your wife likes me” and that both Mr. Gray and Mr. McMahon gave statements indicating that Mr. Barrows push Mr. Gray up against a wall? Is this correct?

  • Res Ipsa says:

    I did, which is why I asked these questions. I’m trying to understand if you are deliberately misrepresenting these pieces of information or if you have simply not read the report, because what you wrote above is just inaccurate.

  • John B. Greet says:

    It appears that this unfortunate situation is going to be resolved informally somehow. Despite the expressed wishes of both antagonists, neither will be formally charged with any crimes.

    Bigger picture questions for the good of the order:

    1. Should community members follow elected public officials about after public meetings and attempt to bait them into confrontations?

    2. Should elected officials resort to profanity and physical force toward members of the public who confront them outside of public meetings?

    • John Q. Public says:

      Actually, regarding the bigger picture:
      1. It was Barrows who called out to Gray “After” the council meeting. Gray did not follow Barrows. Thus, the question should be, Did Barrows attempt to bait Gray into a physical confrontation when he called him an A** hole?
      2. Again Barrows called out to “Gray” After the meeting. Thus, Barrows resorted to profanity and physical force after he himself confronted Gray.
      To suggest events occurred otherwise would be to ignore what both individuals stated in public comments, at the next council hearing.


    Adding Insult to Injury for Bruce Barrows being OUT OF CONTROL mentally and physically and Assaulting a Cerritos resident is that he is also A LIAR!
    And to the entire city on TV in front of the council from the Dais!

    Even more shocking is that Cho, Edwards, Pulido and Chen sat there like four brass monkeys saying NOTHING!

    Barrows’ SHAME is now shared by the Cerritos City Council who apparently feel that keeping up appearances is more important than doing the right think


  • John Q. Public says:

    In the Gray video you recently posted, he suggest that Barrows has used similar language on another resident and two of the council members are aware of it.

    No council member was willing to speak up. Is there a cover-up of sorts for this type of behavior by Barrows? Is this why most city council meetings are near empty, for fear of intimidation?

  • Mr. Cerritos says:

    Why hasn’t the City Manager done anything. Isn’t the City Manager responsible for taking care of problems within the city. I’m not saying that the City Manager should be held responsible for the childish acts of Councilman Barrows but I do think that it is the City Managers responsibility to take action. Councilman Barrows is a public safety risk. A lot of the problems within the city roll down from the top.