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EXCLUSIVE: Kreimann holds first meeting with Noguez senior staff, even before key LA County Supervisor’s vote

Appointee lacks Appraiser certification

By Brian Hews

Santos Kreimann, the man who has been tapped to become the new temporary head of the embattled Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office held his first meeting with at least 20 to 30 senior assessor staff members on Thursday even though his appointment for the post has not been formally approved by members of the County Board of Supervisors.
Los Cerritos Community Newspaper can confirm that Kreimann asked members of Assessor John Noguez top staff that he has “four immediate goals for the office, including improving employee morale.”
LCCN has been told that Kreimann asked those who attended that he wanted to “boost employee morale and the image of the Assessor’s office; the increase efficiency inside the office; enhance the relationship between members of the Board of Supervisors; and to educate rank and file employees about the current situation inside the office.”
Kreimann also requested that each person who attended the meeting provide him with “a written description of their job responsibilities” so he can better acquaint himself with the complex and massive Assessor operation that employees nearly 2,000 people.
David Sommers, media spokesperson for County Chief Administrative Officer William Fujioka, confirmed to LCCN that the meeting did indeed take place and that “Mr. Fujioka is okay with this.”
LCCN has also learned that Kreimann has no formal certification to serve as a property appraiser, but Sommers said that Fujoika believes that Kreimman is the “right person at the right time to oversee the Assessor’s office, and more importantly he has the support of John (Noguez).”
A review of his official bio shows that Kreimann has been with the county for twenty years and currently serves as the Director of Beaches and Harbors and is responsible for overseeing an annual operating budget of $41 million with 256 budgeted positions. Kriemann also hold a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cal State University Los Angeles.
He also lists experience as an employee with the Treasurer and Tax Collectors Office, the Department of Health Services, the Chief Administrative Office, and his current slot with the beaches and harbors.
“This meeting was all about making sure that everyone can hit the ground running,” Sommers said.
Noguez and several members of his inner circle are the focus of a massive criminal probe by members of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. One arrest has already been made, and several more are anticipated during the next several weeks and months.
Several weeks ago, more than 300 law enforcement officers raided Noguez personal office inside the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, taking possession of several computers, cell phones, and box loads of potential evidence from several of those who participated in the meeting with Kriemann on Thursday.
LCCN can confirm that some of those who attended the meeting included Noguez Chief of Staff George Reinke, Press Secretary Louis Reyes, and senior management members Mark McNeil, Sharon Moeller, Andrew Stevens, George Welch, Patrick Gibson and at least 20 others. “Everyone close to Noguez was in on the meeting,” another source commented.
Noguez did not attend the meeting.
“Santos took control of the office on Thursday, and he hasn’t even been approved by the Board of Supervisors,” one source inside the Assessor’s Executive Office told LCCN on Friday who did not want to be identified. “It is just the same old routine around here,” the employee said.
Sommers also said that he did not know what Kreimann’s salary was going to be in his new role or his official start date at the Assessor’s office. “I haven’t been told what he will be receiving as far as a compensation package.”
The matter is expected to on the Board of Supervisors agenda on Tuesday, June 19.

  • Chewy says:

    I bet 2 tacos from TACO’s DON CHENTE things will change for better soon in that office soon.

  • Smitty says:

    So is this new guy a friend or acquaintance of Noguez or Mayor Villar?