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County officials react swiftly to Noguez stepping aside; Cooley calls case ‘ongoing, multi-faceted and active’

By Brian Hews
4:58 p.m.

Reaction to Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez decision to step aside Friday afternoon has prompted swift responses from Los Angeles County officials, including District Attorney Steve Cooley who is overseeing the current massive criminal probe into the activities of several of assessor employees.

“Assessor Noguez’s decision to step aside allows for a new person to come in and
restore order and integrity to an office that is currently shrouded in a cloud of
uncertainty. His decision is in the best interest of the County, the Assessor’s Office, and
the taxpayers,” remarked Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
Yarolslavsky has been one of Noguez biggest personal supporters throughout the years.
“Over the last several weeks, the Los Angeles District Attorney has been investigating very serious allegations made against the County’s Assessor, John Noguez, and other department officials. While this investigation is underway, it is critical that stability is maintained for the Assessor’s office and operations. As such, I am pleased that Mr. Noguez is stepping aside while the DA completes this investigation,” said Supervisor Don Knabe.

“It will have no impact on the criminal investigation being conducted by this office. The investigation is ongoing, multi-faceted and active,” District Attorney Steve Cooley told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in a statement.
Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said, “This action, and the appointment of an interim director to manage daily operations and functions, begins the process of restoring the public’s confidence and trust in the office.”

  • Chewy says:

    Yes ,power to the people. I think this means John Noguez is guilty as charged.
    HIT THE ROAD JOHN, JUAN, CRIMINAL … Or what ever your name is.

  • 15thBF says:


    The Classic David vs. Goliath! I remember high elected officials trying to intimidate you to “Lay off that Noguez @#$” but you kept on going!
    You deserve the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism and hats off
    to Brian Hews of the Hews News Group for having the guts to publish it!”

    A Fan

  • linda says:

    I want to thank Mr. Juan R. Rodriguez aka John Noguez for stepping aside. But I feel that his pay and all other benifits should not be paid to him. This man is guilty. For more than 12 years I have been warning the public and other officials about this man. Supervisior Knabe is in bed with this man. His Son ran various campains for Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Knabe took campain money from Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Knabe new first had that his real name is Juan Rodriguez. I mailed to the supervisors office and the DA office that this man was a fake and a fraud. There is presently 5 councilmembers in the city of Huntington Park, that took thousand and thousand of dollars from Mr. Noguez (Rodriguez) in order to do duty deeds for the trash haulers, city attorney, and other questionable contracts, Noguez(rodriguez) gave out while mayor of the City. All of those campain money are from us, the taxpayers. We the people, must get our money back!!! from those elected officials that benifited.

    On June 1, 2012 more than 200 or more employees were laid off from the Los Angeles County Courts. Why? Mr. Noguez (Rodriguez) pay can surely put at least 4 or 5 employees back on payroll or 2 police officers on the gang task force.

    I will not stop, until all money is returned to the people.

  • Chewy says:

    Yes Linda you are 110% correct about John Noguez getting involved in contracts in LA county cities for his contractor friends like H P tow. Go and check the minutes of meeting in January 2012 for city of BELL GARDEN, john Nogeuz was the spoke person for HP tow to get the contract for HP tow. Now ,why would LA county Assessor himself get involve with this contract awards?$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$
    Since John Noguez be came Assessor HP tow got 12 to 15 tow contracts . mostly the cities where county patrols.

  • KNABE STINKS! says:

    Knabe is DIRTY as they come! All of the Conflict of Interest reported int he LA Times and he is running un-opposed! FOLLOW THE MONEY!
    The Knabes MUST be held ACCOUNTABLE!
    Noguez is the TIP of the KNABE ICEBERG
    Well Cooley??????????? What Are YOU Going to Do About Fellow