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Mark Fitzpatrick: Ex Compton Sheriff’s Sergeant sentenced to 9 years in prison

LOS ANGELES – A former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant convicted of sexually assaulting one woman and inappropriately searching two others was sentenced today, the District Attorney’s Office announced.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta sentenced Mark Fitzpatrick, 42, to a state prison term of nine years, four months. Deputy District Attorney Natalie Adomian of the Justice System Integrity Division prosecuted the case.

Jurors convicted Fitzpatrick on Oct. 7, 2011, of one count each of penetration under threat to arrest or deport; sexual battery by restraint; and sexual penetration by foreign object by force, violence, duress, menace. The defendant also was convicted of three counts of false imprisonment by violence.

Fitzpatrick was remanded to custody immediately following the verdict.

The charges stemmed from three separate incidents in May 2008 during which Fitzpatrick conducted traffic stops. At the time, Fitzpatrick worked out of the Sheriff’s Compton Station.

  • Trevor Hitchin says:

    Should have been LIFE IN PRISON NO PAROLE. Please look toward Boise, Idaho for a similar incident involving my loved one…..ON CHRISTMAS. Cops Lie. Cops who get caught lying go to Prison. May this POS rot in the pen….and I will pray for ALL his victims and their families, those documented and those who never were strong enough to report.

    Send your abusers to prison. It’s 2012 folks. Shift….