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Noguez makes first, last statement on arrest of former appraiser, and criminal probe

Noguez makes first, last statement to media regarding arrest of former appraiser.

Los Angeles County Assessor Special Assistant Robert Meraz and Assessor John Noguez have both been documented in countless emails with controversial tax agent Ramin Salari.

By Brian Hews

Embattled Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez has made his first, and only public statement to the media regarding the arrest of former appraiser Scott Schenter on Monday.
In a statement released by Press Secretary Louis Reyes, Noguez said, “Today, the District Attorney’s office announced the arrest and filing of criminal charges against Scott Schenter, a former employee of the Assessor’s office. While it would be inappropriate to address personnel matters in the press, the Office of the Assessor has advised in the past that it originally referred the matter to the District Attorney’s Office in May, 2011.”
“The allegations in this case not reflective of the quality service and dedication demonstrated every day by the men and women of the Assessor’s Office.”
“Now that this is a criminal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment on the specifics of the case. It is now time to let the criminal justice system take its course. The Office of the Assessor continues to be fully cooperative with the District Attorney’s investigation,” Noguez said.
Los Cerritos Community Newspaper asked Noguez for an interview on Monday to talk about to arrest of his one time political donor and appraiser and was told by a receptionist in his executive office that “no one knows where Mr. Noguez is today.”
Expect several more arrests during the coming days and weeks.
Schenter was hit with a 60 count indictment and was arrested in Oregon on Monday.

  • Chewy says:

    yes starting his training in Huntington Park next to city of Bell next to city of South Gate . What these 3 cities have in common ? POLITICIAN GOING TO OR IN JAIL.!!!
    Did you know John Nogeuz is the 1st cousin of Disgrace South Gate city treasure Albert Robles who is in jail for corruption . And yes Big Albert (aka) pass the corruption torch to John Nugeuz.