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Anthony Craig Chambers, 41, identified as suspect in MTA Bus Driver Murder

Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau detectives are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a MTA bus operator, which occurred Sunday morning, May 20, 2012, while the bus was traveling eastbound on Santa Monica Boulevard. During the Investigation, detectives discovered a suspicious package inside the bus. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Arson/Explosive Detail, was notified of the package and responded to the location. Upon their arrival, Arson investigators determined that the package was not an explosive device and removed the item from the bus. The suspect, who was detained at the scene, has been identified as 41-year old, Anthony Craig Chambers, a resident of Los Angeles. He was booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station for Murder and is being held in lieu of $1,000,000.00 bail. A booking photo of the suspect will not be released at this time. There is no further information available.

  • Pamela Ealy says:

    REALLY???? we have to listen to the Zimmerman case every time we turn on the TV, but a bus driver we ride with & have come to know gets blown away and you don’t show the picture of the evil person who did it and basically keep the entire details hush hush. IS THIS AN INSIDE JOB? Why the secrecy?