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LA County Assessor Noguez E-mail Documents Revealed

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Although it is prominent throughout the documents, to see the influence of Ramin Salari had over the office please see pages 56 and 57.

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Today, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has published hundreds of internal emails between embattled Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez and controversial Arizona tax agent Ramin Salari.

Both Noguez and Salari are the focus of a wide ranging investigation by members of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office of Public Integrity over “influence peddling” and other “pay to play practices.”

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper was the first media outlet in Southern California to report on the massive probe back in early February.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to publish hundreds of emails that we received from the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office during that past three years between Assessor Noguez and Mr. Salari,” said Hews.

“The public deserves to see firsthand how Mr. Noguez and Mr. Salari conducted themselves during the past several years,” said Hews. It is quite astonishing to see how Mr. Salari treated people within the office, he acted like a assistant assessor”.

“We are committed to providing 100% accuracy in our coverage into the activities of the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office, and we have dedicated thousands of hours of time in our series of articles on the current probe,” Hews said.

Hard copies of the emails will also be made available to credentialed members of the media on Friday beginning at 12 p.m.

Interested members of the media can contact Reporter Randy Economy at 562 407-3873 for more details.

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