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Bruce DuBois, husband of Lakewood Mayor dies suddenly

Bruce DuBois, the husband of Lakewood Mayor Dianne DuBoios died early Tuesday morning, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper can confirm. Members of both the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station and Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the DuBois residence around midnight to an emergency phone call.
Once on scene, rescue workers administered several life saving techniques to no avail, Lakewood Sheriff’s officials told LCCN Tuesday.
On Tuesday night at the Norwalk City Council Meeting, Mayor Cheri Kelley announced the passing of DuBois, as she choked back tears. “Our hearts go out to Dianne, and the entire family,” Kelley said.
Los Cerritos Community News will continue to update this information as soon as additional details are made available.

–Randy Economy
[email protected]

  • ray axford says:

    Please fill me in.

  • ray axford says:

    Dear Judy,
    Bruce and I went to school together…I have known Bruce since 1945. Went in the Army together. I hope you can remember me. I have tried to get in touch with Diane but to no avail. Please sent her my Love and concern. My phone is 425 876-6712 cell.
    I will try to get in touch will Bill Kulpaca, and Bob Dameron. Bill lives here in WA. south of Seattle in a town called Lacy.
    I hope to here from you. Please tell Diane to email me.
    I send my love and condolences for my best friend.
    Ray Axford ( Pete)