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Jorge Robles stresses “non-politician” role in campaign for Congress against Rep. Linda Sanchez

By Brian Hews
Law enforcement officer Jorge Robles is making his first bid for public office is running an aggressive campaign against Rep. Linda T. Sanchez in the newly created 38th Congressional District and for him, having no experience as “an elected politician” is a huge advantage to him this election year with voters “who want real change in Washington.”

Robles was born and raised in Los Angeles, he is the second oldest of five siblings. His mother and father have been married for over 37 years. He grew up in Monterey Park where Robles attended Garfield High School in East LA, and later at Rio Hondo College where he studied Criminal Justice.

In 2003, Jorge Robles decided to pursue a career in Law Enforcement where he works in the area of probation and with parolees. He has been a resident of Montebello and currently lives in the city of Pico Rivera.

He was blunt in his interview with Los Cerritos Community Newspaper recently when he stressed that he “has no experience as an elected official,” but for him, that is a “huge plus” with voters who have become “more and more detached with our elected leaders.”
“We have a $15 Trillion dollar deficit, and gas prices are almost $5 per gallon, the unemployment rate is at an all time high here in California, so where has all that experience gotten us as a nation,” he said.
“I believe we need to send genuine people to represent us in Washington, DC who can manage their own financial accounts, and that of the American people,” Robles said.
He calls himself a “natural leader” who has “the tenacity” to tackle the job in “taking back Congress.”
“For too long have we seen secret deals being made that benefit only a few like the bankers, or better known as “To Big to Fail,” he said.
“The government bailed them out with large amounts of our tax money, and in return we see them paying themselves bonuses while the American people are losing their jobs and homes. The United States Congress should have been outraged; however, they remained silent and failed to act. It is clear that this congress believes that we can continue to use the credit card and worry about the debt for a future generation, kicking the can down the road,” he said.

  • Debra Morgan says:

    Jorge should run for Pico Rivera City Council against David Armenta next year. Talk about another example of a do-nothing who brings nothing to the table. Is it any wonder that Armenta is supporting Ed Vasquez for Central Basin Municipal Water?