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VIDEO: Los Cerritos Community Newspaper makes ‘news’ after LA County Assessor offices raided

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Publisher Brian Hews and Investigative Reporter Randy Economy appeared on CBS Los Angeles and KCAL-9 News on Wednesday night with reporter Dave Bryan, to highlight the community newspaper’s four month coverage into the rampant “pay to play” allegations at the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.
Investigators Wednesday searched the home and offices of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez amid allegations that his department was involved in influence-peddling.

CLICK HERE FOR CBS Los Angeles Reporter Dave Bryan report of Los Cerritos Community Newspaper's investigation into the activities at the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office.

The segment highlights LCCN’s extensive four month coverage into the activities of Noguez and the Assessor’s political operations.

Courtesy: CBS Los Angeles, KCAL 9 News

  • ANNA TITUS says:


  • Noel says:

    Great JOb!!
    Rand and Brian….. Let ever elected official in the area fear the tag team of Brian and Randy….. ’cause they are watching our backs…. or property Taxes in this case.


  • Funnytoze says:

    California’s local governments are at risk when corrupt Assessors are in office. The State Board of Equalization is charged with overseeing the Assessors offices, but one of their employees said “the Board would never embarrass an Assessor”. Declining real estate values are being used as a smokescreen to enable this type of corruption, which siphons money away from schools (the ultimate goal?) and other public services. LA may be the sexiest of these scandals, but it is not the only place this is happening.

  • yvonne says:

    sickening just sickening. put all these city coucil bunch under watch!!!!

  • Roberto says:

    The investigators have collected all the files and computers, but they have not looked into the main contact “vehicle” used by Noguez and his handlers. “Throw aways”. Prepaid phones that you can you can use and never have to worry about it being traced back to you. When Noguez was the Mayor of Huntington Park, they used these phones to coordinate and conspire. From my friends who work for HP tow, they tell me that there were Ferrari’s, Lamborginis, and Bentleys that would come and take Suki, the owner of HP tow to lunch, so that they could use his connection to Noguez to benefit them financially by having their property taxes dropped. In return Noguez helped HP tow get contracts, Bell Gardens, Compton, Lynwood, and many others in the last 18 months. This is an outrage, our community is being taken advantage of, by the people we elected to protect us. Stop the corruption.