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Cristina Garcia: Candidate for State Assembly, 58th District

By Brian Hews

Cristina Garcia, a candidate for California State Assembly in the new 58th District is becoming one of the most recognizable figures in reforming corruption that plagued local city halls during the past few years.

Garcia is promoting “ethical conduct in local and state government,” in her campaign for Assembly.

She told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper that she “firmly believes that doing the right thing is worth the effort and that hard work pays off.”

Cristina Garcia, Candidate for California State Assembly, 58th District

Professor Cristina Garcia is a candidate for State Assembly in the 58th District. LCCN Photo

Garcia was raised in the Southeast Los Angeles community of Bell Gardens and attended local schools. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from Pomona College, two Masters Degrees from Claremont Graduate University and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and a PhD from USC.

She has also been a proponent for quality public education and is determined to “be a strong advocate of change” in Sacramento, if she is elected.

Garcia is a professor, instructor and educator who has taught statistics at the University of Southern California (USC), Mathematics at Los Angeles City Community College, and has taught middle school and high school students through the Jaime Escalante Program at East Los Angeles Community College and Huntington Park High School.

When the Bell corruption scandal broke two years ago, Garcia gained national attention and quickly became one of the most recognizable “faces” in the movement that eventually led to the indictments of eight city officials.

“When the chips were down, I was will the community to help augment change,” Garcia said.

She credits her work with them to form BASTA -the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse that in her words “ushered out corrupt officials, and ushering in accountability and transparency.”

Garcia likes her chances in this campaign for state assembly and tells LCCN that she has “hit the streets” and is amassing a “ground troop” of volunteers who want to see “real change in Sacramento.”

“Good government starts with clean, open and honest elected officials,” she said.

She said that she learned from her mother’s life example.

“My mom is one of those no-nonsense, no-excuses people. She passionately believes in hard work and the American Dream.” She concludes, “To protect that American Dream, we desperately need to change our political system to one of service and not pay outs. Working families are the ones hurt most by corruption and greed.”

  • atomic says:

    There are people claiming that Ms. Garcia has no USC doctorate doctorate from any accredited university or college and is not nor has ever been a college professor or Instructor. Maybe an aid? What upsets me is that her organization BASTA was funded by the Bell PD union, a conflict if interest there considering Bell PD’s corrupt activities and abusive behavior towards Bell Citizens. She not only positioned herself as a BASTA leader for political gain, after losing elections at Bell Gardens, but introduced her Bell Gardens campaign manager, Leo Breones into BASTA, a man who has close ties to Pedro Carillo and X-criminal, Mayor Cole. The web of deception runs deep, but all will surface and Ms. Carillo can clear the stars from her eyes that are focusing on a legislative career. I trusted you, Ms. Garcia, and I offered my support to BASTA. But now I see you are a fraud and that we need a true watchdog group, in Bell, with no special or political interest but to keep the citizenry informed and organized to avoid snakes like u near our city hall.

  • atomic says:

    Oh! Please check out a community watchdog article that depicts how Ms. Garcia lies about her degrees, amongst ither things; and that scanned a copy of USC degree verification for Ms. Garcia also containing info where you can inquire at USC about her degree for yourself. And by the way, I was out passing the Clean Air Act when you were in diapers. Ms. Garcia. I want someone that’s truly knowledgable representing my district, not a fraud and an opportunists. Btw, to make clear to you a comment you made on another article, it isn’t OUR culture allowing this to happen in Bell. It is the Racialialization process and assimilated sellouts, like yourself, and predators like Rizzo that prey on the powerless. And if u do make it to Legislation, we need immigration reform, campaign reform, and to expose the CSU and UC Board of Governors. Put that at the top of your list, opportunist. And excuse my spelling. I’m on my iPhone and my editor sux. For the rest who really care to learn what Cristina Garcia is really all about, here is that link I promised:



  • irma says:

    I am Bell citizen and must say thanks you to Cristina for uncover criminal activity like Rizzo. Some people says complain about basta but no one else try to uncover criminal activity like Cristina do. I hope she win because she try do right thing when other people do no.

  • El Indio says:

    Cristina sold herself to special interests, such as the Bell POA who only care about raising their salaries and benefits. She not only came with her lies, but divided a community and helped out a community that is not hers. She should have stayed in Bell Gardens and helped out her community. My question is doesn’t Bell Gardens have issues as any other city in the southeast? And there were other people that actually knew about the corruption that was going on, so I wouldn’t go on and posting that Cristina helped out because we Bell Residents know better she didn’t help. And no, she did not create BASTA, rather led it with the idea of the Bell POA and selling other residents’ who had other thoughts and knew that there was money involved, like how people say, follow the money. And no, she does NOT have a PhD like she loves to claim. Call USC for yourselves.