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Jim Edwards Elected Mayor at Cerritos Mayorial Transition

Members of the city council following the transition ceremony. They are Councilmember Mark Pulido, Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows, Mayor Jim Edwards, outgoing Mayor Carol Chen, and Councilmember Joseph Cho.


There was standing room only in the Cerritos City Council Chamber Mar. 15 for the annual Mayoral Transition Ceremony. Outgoing Mayor Carol Chen thanked her colleagues on the council for their continued support and  described her year in office as an extremely difficult year for cities to have weathered. “We have done well, “ she said, “and I hope to continue to serve this city I love so well,” she added, “We will be making some difficult decisions in the coming year”. Incoming Mayor Jim Edwards also noted the city is facing serious times and thanked Mayor Chen for her leadership. “We will continue to work hard to make Cerritos a better place to live.”

Mayor pro tem Bruce Barrows said we don’t always agree but we come together once a decision is made.  He said in the coming weeks the council will continue to work very hard. “It’s going to be a difficult year, both financial and otherwise.”

Incoming Mayor Edwards said the city faces some challenging times due to  the closing of Cerritos Redevelopment Agency and the state’s continued ( budget)  shortfall. He added, “We will make every effort to protect the city’s resources.”

Councilmember Joseph Cho congratulated outgoing Mayor Chen for her leadership during the past year and said he looks forward to working with Mayor Edwards in the coming year. “We are facing serious times, “ he said, “but under Mayor Chen’s leadership we worked hard to protect Cerritos and make it a better place to live.

Councilmember Mark Pulido also praised the outgoing mayor for her leadership and said “We will need great insight to meet the city problems in the coming year.”

Presenting Outgoing Mayor Chen with Certificates of Recognition for her year in office were Supervisor Don Knabe, Assemblyman Tony Mendoza,  LA County Fire Department, ABC School Board, and city officials from member cities she work with in the League of California Cities and the Contract. Mayor Mike Gomez of Hawaiian Gardens quipped when he made his presentation, “ It’s nice to see a city council work together once a decision is made.”

  • Michael Beaulieu says:

    I do not know who to contact. I am going around in circles. This e-mail is for the City of Cerritos, California-building code. I have dry rot in two exterior rafters. Can I double up the ends with another piece of wood in order to prevent repair costs? Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Michael Beaulieu