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Walmart Offers Special Shopping Hours for Older Adults

To better support customers age 60 and up, our stores will host a special shopping hour from 6 am to 7 am every Tuesday, Mar. 24 through Apr. 28. It will start one hour before stores open to the public, and pharmacies will be available during this time, as well. Vision centers will also be open to help with emergency and essential needs only. 

Want more info? Use our store finder to locate your nearest store, their phone number, and more. 

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Went out to Target and Walmart in Cerritos and La Palma ended up with nothing. Then went to the Walmart in Buena Park and they had some Staples up by the front door so purchased them. Received a few emails saying that Sprouts has been the most consistent with dairy and vegetables so I’ll go over there today. Another neighbor went to Smart & Final in both Buena Park and Lakewood and was able to get some produce there. Another neighbor went to Grocery Warehouse in Lakewood and again was able to purchase stuff. Seniors need a list who has… Read more »