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Cities are Shut Down…. Now Shut Down Trump’s Twitter

By HMG-LCCN Editor and Publisher Brian Hews

This country and many cities are reeling from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic , and it is getting worse.

Yet Donald Trump has a daily briefing and turns the briefing into a stock market update while telling everyone “everything is fine.”

The experts behind him frequently stand there aghast, shocked at what the egotistical, narcissistic, and ignorant president pretends he knows about.

Why no one calls him out is beyond many. Or is it?

They are fearful that Trump will immediately go to his phone, pull the trigger on one of the biggest megaphones in the U.S., and slam anyone who criticizes him.

Supreme Court Justices, Pence, Pompeo, five former Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Senators, world leaders; it doesn’t matter. Get in his way and he will activate his thousands of loyal Trump followers, some of whom will send death threats to them and their family.

Yes, it is better choice for them not to criticize and watch the U.S. suffer, rather than endure the wrath of Trump and his followers.

The country is suffering, and it is about to get worse. People are dying yet Trump has done nothing to stem the tide of the virus, his latest promise to invoke the Defense Production Act has led to no action.

It is a good bet those in his inner circle want to do something, but Trump stands above them with his finger on a very large trigger that he will not hesitate to pull if somebody makes him look bad.

It is why Twitter needs to shut his, along with his family’s Twitter accounts down, at least until the pandemic curve has waned.

Doing so will allow people to speak up, it will allow people to act without fear of retribution from Trump or his followers.

Shut it down.

Heck, most Americans right now would take Pence, Pompeo, or Pelosi leading then rather than Trump.

This is not about freedom of speech or the first amendment, you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, and you should not be able to use your Twitter account to intimidate people into not acting in a manner that is going to save lives, call it a “Chinese Virus,” or walk up to a national podium and spew lies.

Shut it down.

The epidemic has vividly shown that Trump has no empathy, he does not care about people or people’s lives, he is missing that part of his brain (among other parts.)

And he is getting more dangerous every day, misleading the country every time he steps up to the podium, the latest false promise of a malaria vaccine that would work on the coronavirus.

Shut it down.

I am sure that many stare at the TV every day wondering why nobody on his team has resigned and then blasted Trump later in a press conference, calling him out as the narcissistic, ignorant moron he really is. 

It’s not hard to figure out; it is because he’s got his finger on his Twitter account and they are afraid of death threats and that people will come to their house.

It has happened before, just ask Christine Blasey Ford.

These are extraordinary times, they demand extraordinary action, not a president who stands up at the podium while most of America is gripped in a pandemic, talking about the stock market while frequently threatening and insulting reporters who are just doing their job asking tough questions.

For those of you who say it’s a slippery slope, let’s slip down that slope and take the consequences later.

So shut it down Twitter, all of Trump’s Twitter accounts, for the sake of the US, its residents, its economy, and the many people on the front lines fighting one of the worst pandemics in the history of the world.

Shut it down @twitter and @jack, shut it down.

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