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Mayor pro tem Naresh Solanki Appointed Cerritos Mayor, Councilman Frank Yokoyama as Vice-Mayor

Mayor Naresh Solanki

20th September 2019


A packed council chamber witnessed Mayor pro tem Naresh Solanki’s appointment as Mayor, Cerritos’ first Indian-American Mayor, at tonight’s annual Cerritos City Council Mayoral transition.

Outgoing Mayor Mark Pulido gave an eloquent speech thanking all Cerritos officials and employees, even breaking down when he thanked Cerritos residents.

A moment of unexpected levity occurred when an alarm bell chimed in the chambers just before Pulido was finishing his thank you speech.

Pulido then handed off the meeting to City Clerk Vida Barone, who opened nominations for Mayor.

Councilman Jim Edwards quickly nominated Solanki, with Councilman Frank Yokoyama seconding the nomination.

Pulido called for a vote of acclamation and Solanki was appointed Mayor; in parliamentary procedure, acclamation is a form of unanimous consent.

Solanki took the Mayor’s chair and yielded once again to Barone who, in a moment of suspense, called the city’s vice chair open.

Solanki quickly nominated Edwards while Pulido nominated Councilman Yokoyama; unlike the Mayor position who simply needs a seond by another council-member, the vice mayor is voted upon by all council-members.

Barone called the vote Pulido, Yokoyama, and Hu voted no to nominate Edwards.

The three then appointed Yokoyama Vice Mayor with Edwards and Solanki, who’s appointment to Mayor was supported by Yokoyama, voting no.

Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama



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Mark & Frank: 1. What about us, original residents like us, many of us are forgotten / fallen off your social radar landscape. We are not Whitney Alumni, we are not Filipinos, we are not military, we are not Chinese immigrants, we were born and raised our entire lives in the greater Dairy Valley? We are the original settlers, who created the city and supported the city for 50 yrs. How about some cheers for all of us, who work to keep Cerritos prosperous and growing during the build out years. Our journey is coming to close, …. many of… Read more »


Saddened on multiple accounts. Most surrounding did not attend last night mayors transition: Downey, South Gate, Bellflower, Haw Gardens, Norwalk, Cypress, Lakewood, Paramount, La Palma. Etc. None of those cities sent their mayor or Council. Also sad to see that the meeting was not very racially diversity, almost reminded me of a Chinese Filipino party. Solanki is a man of few words, his lack of speech and understanding politics, will not be in his favor. Know most of staff is not happy over his appointment. If voters are not happy with Pres. Trump, many voters will not be in support… Read more »