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Oct. 5, 2018 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

Click on image to view out eNewspaper, thank for reading!!



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Why is Cerritos Is One of the Best Places to Live | By CCC Frank Yokoyama. Frank: You eluded you came to Cerritos in 1976, yes, it was one of the Premier cities in LA/OC. Many people fled LA, to make Cerritos their home, it was a beautiful master planned Community. 100% agree with you. During that time we still had some Raw development to do, which was completed in the late 80s early 90s. At that time the city was kept up very nice, the housing element was awesome, properties were clean and immaculate. Then in the 90s things… Read more »

S. Rosenberg
S. Rosenberg

What is a “heartland of America” parent? Is that a way of avoiding the word “white”, because that’s what it sound like to me. I don’t mean to sound snarky, I honestly never heard this term before.


Heartland of America, ia a journalist term and used widely in debates, talk shows, etc. Nothing to do with racial color. Just average folks. Whitewashing would be more on the lines of racial profiling or zoning. There is no consensus as to “where” America’s heartland is physically located. However, the American Midwest is the most commonly cited area as being the nation’s heartland, although many other places have been referred to as part of it, often extending to rural or farming regions in the great plains.[7][8] At least as early as 2010, the term Heartland has been used to refer… Read more »