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ABCUSD Bond Committee Chair Questionably Excluded Consultant From Bid Process, Then ‘Suddenly’ Changed His Mind

After HMG-CN started asking questions, Chair Maynard Law sent out a second agenda that included the consultant.


When a school district bond is proposed and placed on a ballot, independent committees supporting the bond are inevitably formed, with committee members hiring a lead consultant to implement an election plan.

The consultant is also charged with raising money to cover campaign expenses that range from websites, to printing of materials, to newspaper and radio advertising.

THE ABCUSD formed their own Bond Committee recently, the Committee for Safe and Modern Schools, quickly putting the word out they were looking for a consultant.

The Bond Committee planned to schedule qualified consultants to present their election plan, with the committee eventually awarding the contract to the most qualified.

But something went wrong along the way.

Hews Media Group-Community News learned yesterday that Bond Committee Chairman and Board Member Maynard Law unfairly excluded Cerritos resident Daniel Fierro as a consultant.

Maynard Law

The exclusion was prior to the interview and presentation process that is occurring tonight.

No reason was given for the exclusion.

HMG-CN began asking questions immediately after learning of the exclusion, sending emails for follow-up.

Law subsequently emailed another letter today at 12:19 p.m. that magically included Fierro as a presenter.

What is even more questionable is that Law, in the first letter, included Alan Gafford, the former George Baum employee who worked closely with Ann Nock, as a potential consultant.

Nock is the owner of the now-infamous AMN Solutions, contracted by ABC for public relations, and a company who HMG-CN exposed several times as extremely questionable.

Law emailed the first letter to Bond Committee members that stated (verbatim), “Dear Committee Members as of the agreed Friday (Aug. 4) deadline for proposals to provide Campaign consultant services only two proposals were received, Dr. Ralph Pacheco and Alan Gafford.

The inclusion as a presenter for consulting services was news to Gafford.

Gafford told HMG-CN, “I don’t know which meeting agenda you are speaking about. I have not seen that agenda, so you know more than I on this.”

Gafford’s statement  confirmed he was not sent the agenda/letter where Law excluded Fierro.

Gafford later backtracked saying, “If you are asking me if I was requested to provide some technical campaign advice with the possibility of further engagement and collaboration with the committee advocating the passage of the ABCUSD bond measure, the answer is yes. I guess I made the agenda for discussion.”

The Aug. 5 agenda letter sent out by Law contradicted the July 31 meeting minutes and suggested that Law, who has the sole ability to award the consultant agreement, had already chosen “his consultant.”

The July 31 Bond Committee meeting minutes, taken by ABC’s Dr. Rhonda Buss and obtained by HMG-CN, confirmed that a Friday Aug. 4 deadline to submit proposals was never established.

It also confirmed that Fierro should have been included, when Law excluded him from tonight’s meeting.

The meeting minutes stated, “Suggestion was to have different consultants make a presentation and the committee determines who would align better with our goals. Other consultants can present at our next meeting (Aug. 6), including Danny Fierro.”

The next communication to Fierro was Law’s Aug. 5 letter stating the Bond Committee received only two proposals, effectively excluding Fierro from tonight’s selection process.

HMG-CN began asking questions, and Law sent out his revised letter today, this time including Gafford in the distribution list.

But the question of who suggested Gafford as a consultant remains a mystery.

Board President Soo Yoo told HMG-CN that she knew nothing about Gafford’s inclusion, “Deny, deny! I know nothing about Gafford, I am surprised.”

ABC Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu told HMG-CN, “I’m not aware of the campaign committee’s efforts to date. I’m not attending the campaign committee meeting tonight and do not know who has been invited to present their proposals. I did not invite Alan Gafford.”

Board Member Law did not return emails.







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