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Feb. 10, 2016 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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Residences Stop Burglarizies
Residences Stop Burglarizies

CERRITOS NEIGHBORS: Feb. ’17. Many neighborhoods in Cerritos, have had surge in Burglaries and robberies.. Residential-Car burglaries, Burglaries can lead: Murders-Rapes-Ransom-Home Invasions.. Sheriffs said our worse enemy, dark streets, every home needs motion lite over the garage area, so sheriffs & neighbors can self- patrol neighboring homes. Corner wrap-around block walls, not our friends; neither is many homeless in flood control , river beds, freeway easements. Why us? We created a friendly landscape for burglars, because homes are easy targets; frankly, we have little security architecture measures in place, word has gotten out! Citywide, Burglaries have increased 10%. Here are… Read more »

Cerritos Peace Officers
Cerritos Peace Officers

RE:—- S h e r i f f s —— Cerritos residents “Have woken us up, to how fragile our security is in the city.” cerritos.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=15&clip_id=3903 During this epic and drooling 5 hour CCC episode, discussing both the sheriff and a helicopter, majority of the speakers from the audience spoke in favor of keeping both. Hmmmmm, Nobody really waved a magic wand, to orchestrate to the city council, how to finance both projects. Everybody pleaded for more safety. Sounds logical the Cerritos sheriffs and helicopter come with a hi price tag, more then our revenue stream from sales tax, we… Read more »