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Cerritos May Change Overnight Parking Permit Process

By Brian Hews

Way back in 1969, Cerritos enacted an ordinance that prohibited city street parking between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Three years later, the City established procedures to allow residents to obtain semiannual overnight parking permits. Now after 43 years, Cerritos, to the delight of many residents, will likely transition from a semiannual to an annual parking permit process as the Cerrito’s City Council will be contemplating whether or not the city should change the 43 year-old process at it’s October 8 meeting.

Cerritos issues approximately 51,500 semiannual and temporary parking permits each year at no charge.

Semiannual permits are issued in January and July of every year.

The permitting process is “very labor-intensive” according to city officials, and requires a Cerrito’s resident to complete an 8 page application that is followed by 10-step process performed by Community Safety Staff, finally issuing the permit.

Six weeks prior to expiration, residents are sent notices to remind them to renew their permits but, as with many things, residents usually wait and ending up overloading Cerritos staff with applications.

Residents have also expressed frustration having to complete the application twice a year and Cerritos officials have noticed a large amount of the application information does not change from year to year.

The Cerritos staff report indicated that, “going to the annual parking permit process will minimize inconvenience to the resident. In addition, it would cut down on the volume of paperwork and time-consuming process associated with the semiannual process. Also, annual parking permit would be more in line with the majority of cities that do issue parking permits.”

A study done by the city showed that out of 88 cities, only 25% issue overnight parking permits with charges ranging from zero to as much as $150 per year.

In the report, Cerritos staff strongly recommended that Council adopt the resolution.

The report did not mention the potential savings to the city in transitioning from semiannual to annual.

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