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Cerritos Water Main Break Fouls Water


HMG-CN has been told by Cerritos residents that a water main broke last night somewhere near city hall. Other information is not available  at this time but one resident texted HMG-CN and said, “my water is brown, our rates just went up and I am getting brown water. They told us it would be 7-8 hours to fix.”

The resident texted HMG-CN at 7:30 a.m.

HMG-CN will update when available.


The break is at 183rd and Bloomfield, in talking to Water Dept., they “still do not know where the break is.” A large portion of the city is affected, and city hall is getting swamped with calls.

The city is looking at 7-8 hours to fix.

Many residents complaining that the city should have an automated phone notification system to let residents who can’t go online know what is join on.


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