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Apartment Boom in Cerritos to Claim Sam Ash Music Center

Sam Ash in Cerritos is about to become new apartment units.

Sam Ash in Cerritos is about to become new apartment units.

By Brian Hews

It appears that iconic Sam Ash Music Center in Cerritos is about to be leveled to make way for a five story apartment project that is being touted as a “luxury for rent” facility by proponents of the new project, Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper can confirm.

Members of the Cerritos Planning Commission will be reviewing a proposal from The Richman Group (La Jolla) that seeks to demolish the popular Sam Ash Music Center to make way for a 132-unit apartment complex that will feature “luxury condominium standards.”

The meeting will take place on September 3 at 7:00 p.m. at Cerritos City Hall, located at 183rd Street and Bloomfield.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend the meeting and to voice their opinion about the proposal.

The proposal also includes the construction of a “fully screened” parking structure, a leasing office, a clubhouse, fitness area, courtside recreation and pool area. The exact location of the development will be at 12651 Artesia Boulevard.

Currently, at the same location another massive apartment complex is also underway.  Construction began several weeks ago on another $74.3-million apartment complex at the same location at Artesia Boulevard and Bloomfield Avenue.  That 198-unit apartment community is being dubbed as “Aria” and is being built by Picerne Group, a real estate investment firm in San Juan Capistrano.

When both projects are completed, more than 330 new apartments will sit on the site.



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Andrew Jordan

Extremely exciting piece of writing

Aiden Powell

I very rarely comment on these items, but I assumed this on deserved
a well done you

greenbrook neighbor
Yes I agree that this already city approved dense pack residential project will be a major problem in one of the busiest intersections of the city. If it is filled to capacity the traffic in the morning alone will be a nightmare. I hope that the developers and the city planners have research this well enough to consider the traffic safety issues of those potential residents and the quality of life of nearby residential neighborhood. And although it maybe a boon for nearby businesses, a bad traffic reputation may make this area unattractive to live or do business. I have… Read more »
Local Person

I was really surprised to see the first 198 units approved for that corner given the rather poor vehicle access. This property is locked into access on only one side (Artesia Blvd.).

Approving another large block of residential units would seem to be a significant strain on an already troubled location.

Anybody remember trying to visit the old shops there? It was always filled with grief crossing Artesia, and forget about making an eastbound turn onto Artesia when leaving.

I sense trouble with this.

Randy R. Economy

Artesia Boulevard is ALWAYS SWAMPED with cars….yes….I agree with your comments and valid points.

Randy Economy

M c M a h o n
Master Planning of the orig. TC, called for overhead bridge, linking the apartment pad, to the Towne Center. This would eliminate traffic overflowing on to the intersection of Artesia and Bloomfield intersection. Similar bridge is built over Del Amo Blvd, linking Del Amo Fashion Mall to Del Amo Mall. Addition, Palos Verdes Mall has overhead bridge, linking the parking structure to the PV Shops and mall. Discourages pedestrian traffic on roadways. Proposed Cerritos Apartment- Condo Sales Pad, shopping mall failed because of extreme limited parking egress/ingress and lack of vendor diversity. Abatement of statewide RDA Funding, guess over-head bridge is… Read more »
M c M a h o n
Said stretch of commercial property, along freeway frontage, should best be developed commercially, compared to residential.. Hello, Cerritos still needs: • Ikea; • Bloomingdales; • Lowes; • Amazon Store and Warehouse; • Alle’ of Freeway Cafes-eateries: Sizzler, Souplantation; I-Hop, In-Out Burger, Marie Calendar, Star Bucks 24 Hrs, Mind boggling that the ABC school district is crying for new students, so why not zone these parcels multi-family projects, with more bedrooms for large families. Attached United HOA report illustrates drop of student enrollment of 12%. Why not construct a hi rise housing projects, w/studios to 5 bedroom units, to attact singles… Read more »