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January 25 Los Cerritos Community News E-edition

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CN E-edition



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Ben Liang
And our city has the funds to purchase a $250,000 sculpture last year. Cerritos high school baseball field cannot get funding to put up a score board. Park East and Gonsvelz Park baseball fields have cement like surfaces, and the City threatened to raise fees to use park facilities. Lifted curbs don’t get fixed, dying trees don’t get replaced,but we have a sculpture garden tucked in a corner that serves no purpose whatsoever. Sherif deputies routinly set traps on city streets giving out tickets for rediculous violations, street sweeper can’t clean like before but overnight parking tickets fly out to… Read more »
McMahon, J.
RE: Open letter to Councilperson Carol Chen Subject: Dial-a-Ride Data. Jan 24, 2012; CCC hearing; requesting communication & thoughts of improving our public transportation. Think outside the box, ((Dial-A-Ride)) is only part of the leaking bucket. Choose the moment, to be more pessimistic of the city transportation, which is being subsidized by: Resident’s GENERAL FUNDS and state’s transportation. City can do better to orchestrate improvements to a broken system. Grand need for public transportation, but the present system needs tweaking. COW BUSES: Empty and ghost riders. COW STOPS: Dangerous and intrude on to residential privacy. SENIOR BUS TOURS: 100% sold… Read more »
McMahon, J.
WASHINGTON DC: RE: Mayor’s Conference. LCCN: 1/25/12 Deja-vu, mid 1970’s, Cerritos Mayor and councilperson had an auto accident in Palm Springs, while attending oh so so important city function, resulting in life long bodily injuries……..hmmmmm, we the peoples of 9073, are still paying for that serious accident and all of the hoopla created by elect’s poor judgment in public. Jan. 24, 2012; CCC hearing, some of the council expressed & protected their judgment in attending above and bringing back wealth of information to prosper 90703. Informative study sessions held at the conference is best digested on regional level and not… Read more »