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Short and Sweet Road Trips From Cerritos, California: 3 Ideas for a Local Summer Adventure

Travel is a great way to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, with 82% of adults in the United States (more than 212 million people) planning to travel this summer, according to The Vacationer’s yearly summer travel and trends survey. The survey further revealed that domestic travel remains the top choice, with 57% of respondents choosing to “explore the beauty and diversity” within the States. For those who wish to embark on the road trip of a lifetime this summer, there are no shortage of options that are local to Cerritos

Unique attractions in Long Beach

For those craving a bit of sand and surf, Long Beach presents the ideal location for a weekend getaway. Originally named ‘Wilmore City,’ this destination was renamed thanks to its long and wide beaches back in 1888. The LA Business Journal points out that Long Beach is bordered by an impressive 5 ½ miles of clean and sandy beaches, and even features a fully paved bike path that spans the length of the beach (from Downtown to Belmont Shore). Located within 30 minutes of Cerritos, Long Beach is the perfect solution for those looking to escape for a day or two, and there is plenty to see and do.

The U.S. News and World Report expands on what Long Beach has to offer, resulting in plenty of picturesque attractions. Junipero Beach, the East Village Arts District, and Catalina Island are just a few noteworthy destinations worth adding to the itinerary. For those who enjoy a bit of history, the retired British cruise ship known as the Queen Mary, can make for a stunning photo opportunity. The ship itself was known for its transatlantic voyages throughout the early 1900s, as well as several high profile guests — including Winston Churchill. Today, visitors can take a guided tour, whether you choose the Steam and Steel tour to explore the bowels of the ship or visit several exhibits. 

Exploring California nature in Pasadena

A compilation of short and sweet road trips within driving distance of Cerritos wouldn’t be complete without Pasadena. About 40 minutes away, Pasadena is the perfect road trip destination for those who wish to explore California’s wildlife and nature to the fullest. The Arroyo Seco (known by locals as ‘The Arroyo’ is just one location worth visiting — especially if you’d like to immerse yourself into the surrounding natural space by hiking or walking. The scenic and multi-terrain ecosystem features an impressive 22 miles worth of trails, connecting the Angeles National Forest with South Pasadena. Another recommendation from the Visit Pasadena site includes the new Annandale Canyon Park — especially if you’re looking for a view unlike any other. Visiting the park enables visitors to see “a beautiful scenic overlook of the Los Angeles skyscrapers,” and is packed with wild-flowers. The canyon is noted to be approximately one mile out and back, making for a relatively easy journey. Both the Arroyo Seco and Annandale Canyon Park allow dogs as well, making for the perfect Fido-friendly road trip. 

Malibu’s beaches

Located just over an hour away from Cerritos, Malibu is a great location for those who wish to spend time at the beach — or several. One Apple Guides post by Fotospot points out that there are several places in Malibu that offer photo-worthy views. Among these locations include Point Dume State Beach, a less-crowded location that features a prominent and angular cliff on a promontory jutting into the Pacific. El Matador State Beach is another worthy contender, featuring cliffs that characterize the California coastline. Carbon Beach and El Pescador State Beach are additional locations that make the list, each with breathtaking views of their own. 

Taking a shorter road trip not only brings to light advantages such as convenience, but also enables travelers to drive in style — especially when you’re already headed to a luxurious destination like Malibu. Sports cars, for example, are a great way to level up any short road trip, as you won’t need a ton of space for luggage and won’t have to worry about endless hours spent driving. With unique benefits such as sharper steering and better cornering, drivers can take advantage of the enjoyable driving experience that sports cars have to offer. When looking for the perfect sports car for short summer travel plans, there are no shortage of ideal options out there. Ratings and reviews provide key insight into top sports car models of today, and are especially great for taking into account several aspects of the car from the features to the overall performance.

Road trips are a convenient way to explore your own backyard, especially when aiming to discover nearby locations that are more than photo-worthy. For those setting out from Cerritos, there are no shortage of nearby destinations, from Long Beach to Malibu.