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LA Fitness vs Planet Fitness: Which Gym Is Best in LA? 

Finding the right gym can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but you shouldn’t give up because a gym that fits your needs and preferences will make a world of difference. It will keep you motivated and you’ll actually look forward to going there instead of dreading it.

LA Fitness and Planet Fitness are both popular options and each is unique in its own way. Neither is generally better than the other, it all depends on what you want. So, instead of suggesting where to go, we’re going to give you an overview of what each offers so you can decide for yourself.

Let’s find you a gym that’s the right fit for YOU!

 LA Fitness

This is a gym that’s known for their extensive range of amenities and high-quality equipment. Here, you’ll find a lot of free weights and strength training equipment, and in many locations, you’ll also find basketball courts and swimming pools. 

They also offer group fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and cycling. For those of you that like private training sessions, LA Fitness has certified trainers. As far as some perks go, you’ll find saunas and spa facilities. All in all, this is a very comprehensive fitness center, and a big bonus – chalk is allowed here. 

Membership and Prices

Membership options are really flexible. The standard monthly fee for single-club access is usually around $29.95 to $34.99. Multi-club membership starts at $34.95 a month and, although the starting price is higher, this option gives you a lot of flexibility. 


Much like you would expect from a gym, the vibe is energetic and it’s all about community. You’ll find people of all ages and fitness levels here and the group classes and personal training sessions help build a motivating community.

A lot of people appreciate the sense of community here because LA Fitness makes it easy to meet like-minded people, which can be very motivating. It’s not rare to see friends working out together or participating in some group activity. 


  • Wide range of amenities and equipment
  • A lot of different group fitness classes
  • Flexible membership options
  • Personal training available


  • Higher membership fees compared to budget gyms
  • Gets really crowded during peak hours

 Planet Fitness

Are you new to gyms and kind of intimidated? If you are, Planet Fitness might just be perfect for you because they’re known for their “Judgement Free Zone” philosophy. The environment is laid-back, more so than in many other gyms.

Here you’ll find all basic cardio and strength training machines, but free weights are limited to dumbbells up to 75 pounds. However, they offer some great perks – HydroMassage beds, massage chairs, and tanning booths. 

Most locations are open 24/7, so if you have a busy schedule, you’ll really appreciate this feature.

Membership and Price

If you’re looking to pinch a few pennies, you’ll be happy to know that this is a budget-friendly gym. Classic membership costs only $10 per month for single-club access. If you pay $24.99 a month, you get a PF Black Card membership that offers access to multiple locations and extra perks like guest privileges, tanning, and HydroMassage.


Two words – chill and welcoming. Planet Fitness is very proud of their non-intimidating atmosphere, and they should be, because a lot of people who don’t go to the gym stay away because they’re intimidated

Welcoming atmosphere is motivating and it will make you look forward to coming to the gym. Who knows, you may even find new friends at Planet Fitness. Seeing as how chill everyone is, that’s actually pretty likely. 

Compared to LA Fitness, the vibe here is more casual and it’s primarily a place where you can do basic fitness without feeling the pressure to compete with others.


  • Affordable
  • Welcoming environment
  • 24/7 access at many locations
  • Extra perks with PF Black Card membership


  • Limited amenities compared to some higher-end gyms
  • No advanced equipment for weightlifters


Do both gyms offer personal training sessions?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have that option but they do offer free fitness training sessions as part of their membership. If you’re really set on personal training, though, go for LA Fitness.

Which option is more affordable?

Planet Fitness, hands down. Their membership options start at only $10 a month, but keep in mind that LA Fitness has more amenities and services. 

Can you get group classes at both gyms?

There are no traditional group classes at Planet Fitness but there are free fitness training sessions. LA Fitness, on the other hand, has a wide range of group classes to offer. 


If you’ve come to this article with the struggle of choosing between LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, and you’ve read everything above this sentence, well then it is likely that the struggle is gone now. 

But, just to make sure, we’ll sum it all up, so that we have everything neatly packed in one place for those in a hurry!

If you like numerous amenities, diverse group classes, and extensive equipment – LA Fitness might be your go-to choice. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete gym newbie or a seasoned pro, this gym will easily accommodate you with one of its programs/offerings.

On the other side of the coin, we have Planet Fitness. What do you get here? Well, for starters, affordability. If you’re looking for less flashy, and more toned-down intimidation (or even more basic exercises, thought this one’s debatable), then Planet Fitness might be the more solid choice. 

But, when you throw all the pros and cons on one table, you’ll realize that both gyms are good choices. You can’t really choose wrong here. Both will offer good and effective workouts, strong utilities, and reliable organization. 

There is no clear winner here (at least not in our eyes). The choice, ultimately falls down onto you. Do what feels best for YOU! And if you don’t like your primary choice, well there is always the other one.