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Los Angeles Rams Select KT Leveston in Seventh Round of NFL Draft

KT Leveston, a formidable former tackle from Kansas State, has made a significant move to the Los Angeles Rams, selected as the No. 254 pick in the seventh round of the 2024 NFL Draft. This article delves into Leveston’s college achievements, his expected role with the Rams, and the overall impact of his draft selection. It explores his career trajectory, highlighting his versatility, discipline, and potential contribution to the Rams’ offensive line.

KT Leveston’s College Career: Overview

KT Leveston’s tenure at Kansas State was marked by consistency and excellence. Over five years, Leveston started 32 games, showcasing his durability and reliability. His role as a primary tackle was pivotal, though his skills allow for a seamless transition to guard, demonstrating his adaptability. Leveston’s ability to maintain discipline under pressure is evidenced by the remarkably low number of penalties he received—just one in 1,842 offensive snaps.

Accolades at Kansas State: All-Big 12 Honorable Mention

In his final two seasons at Kansas State, Leveston earned All-Big 12 Honorable Mention honors. This recognition not only highlights his skill and dedication on the field but also his standing among the top players in the highly competitive Big 12 Conference. These accolades serve as a testament to his hard work and are indicative of his readiness to take on the challenges of professional football.

Draft Selection: Seventh Round Pick

Selected with the No. 254 pick in the seventh round by the Los Angeles Rams, KT Leveston joins the professional ranks with a clear opportunity to make his mark. This selection underscores the Rams’ strategy of picking versatile and seasoned players who can contribute to the team’s depth and flexibility on the offensive line.

Joining the Los Angeles Rams: Team Role Expectations

KT Leveston is expected to provide valuable depth to the Rams’ offensive line, potentially filling in multiple positions. Given the Rams’ history and strategic approach to building a robust and versatile line, Leveston’s skill set is likely to be a significant asset. His prior experience at tackle and potential to shift inside to guard aligns well with the team’s needs.

The addition of KT Leveston not only increases the Los Angeles Rams’ options along the offensive front but also introduces a player known for his disciplined gameplay and adaptability. 

This strategic acquisition is expected to enhance the team’s offensive schematics, offering more flexibility in player rotations and alignments. His ability to perform under pressure with minimal penalties is particularly valuable, providing the Rams with a reliable option in crucial game situations. As Leveston integrates into the team, his impact could be substantial in stabilizing and fortifying the Rams’ offensive line.

Connection to Other Wildcats: Collegiate Teammates

The selection of KT Leveston also marks a mini-reunion with fellow former Wildcat, Russ Yeast, who is currently with the Rams. This connection might ease Leveston’s transition into the NFL, providing a familiar face and a shared collegiate experience. Leveston’s arrival increases the count to three Wildcats drafted by the NFL this year, including Day 2 picks Cooper Beebe and Ben Sinnott.

Potential Impact: Transition to the NFL

With his collegiate accolades and proven track record, KT Leveston is poised to make a significant impact as he transitions to the NFL, contributing to the Rams’ pursuit of excellence on the field. For fans eager to keep up with all the latest developments in sports, check this site to stay updated with the latest sports trends.

Undrafted Wildcats: Khalid Duke’s Combine Performance

Despite not being drafted, Khalid Duke, another notable Wildcat, showed impressive abilities at the combine. His situation highlights the unpredictable nature of the draft process and the various factors teams consider when making their selections.


KT Leveston’s journey from Kansas State to the Los Angeles Rams encapsulates the dreams and aspirations of many young athletes entering the NFL. His adaptability, proven performance, and disciplined play style suggest that he will be an invaluable asset to the Rams, potentially enhancing their offensive line significantly. 

As he develops and adjusts to the professional level, Leveston’s impact on the field will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike, offering a new chapter in his football career and for the Rams’ ongoing strategic development.

As KT Leveston progresses in his NFL career, his evolution from a college standout to a professional athlete will be pivotal for the Los Angeles Rams. His adaptability will test his capabilities in various positions on the offensive line, potentially defining his role and contribution to the team. The Rams’ strategic focus on building a resilient and flexible offensive line will benefit from Leveston’s diverse skill set, blending experience with potential. 

As the 2024 season unfolds, the integration of Leveston’s talents will be crucial in bolstering the Rams’ offensive efforts, with the team aiming to capitalize on his collegiate success and minimal penalty record to enhance their competitive edge.