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University-Level Science at AURA Academy

By Brent Davis

When considering a high school, academic rigor is a key consideration because, to get into good universities, one needs to demonstrate superior academic qualifications. It would be even better if those qualifications were translated into college-level credits saving students (and families) considerable time and money.  By the end of this school year in June, AURA students will have earned college credit courses in Microbiology, Chemistry, Anatomy and US History!  Aura Academy students attend college classes on campus at American University of Health Sciences (AUHS).  With its small class sizes and experienced teachers, students do not get lost as they might in a large university class.

Our current students have already earned college credits, no expensive AP® examination required. Wouldn’t your student benefit from this curriculum as well?

AURA student in Anatomy Lab using SynDaver

AUHS students and AURA students together in Anatomy lab session