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Three Tactics to Get Cerritos Residents Into Your Local Business

One of Cerritos’ many great features is its thriving local business community. From restaurants to boutique stores and beauty salons, everything you need is on your doorstep and provided by local traders. However, for new businesses, the competition can be fierce. So, how do you get new customers into your premises and hooked on your product? Below, we give three tactics to get new customers into your business. 

Offer a Freebie 

Giving away free products can seem counterproductive. Why would you lose money and provide what you have made or bought as profitable stock for free? While you may lose a small amount of revenue, a freebie can have a huge long-term impact on your leads and entice people into the store.  

This tactic has been used for time immemorial. Most people have been to the supermarket and been given a new product to sample. Once you like the taste of it, you are more likely to go and buy the complete item. It does not just work for stores and catering businesses either. The casino industry has used this to great effect by providing free online games to customers. Once they have sampled the titles on offer, they are then offered welcome deposits and bonuses. Not only does this let them see the product, but it also enhances brand loyalty making them likely to stay.  

A freebie will also have a knock-on effect. People who have tried and like what they have sampled will go on and tell other people. Word of mouth is the most valuable form of advertising and one of the hardest to get.  


Networking is a great way to spread the vital word-of-mouth marketing message. Once you meet people in person, they see the very human side of your business. This makes them more likely to come and use your product or service, particularly if it is the kind of relationship where you also use theirs.  

It does not have to be done solely at corporate events either. You can network by going into your local community and letting people see who you are. Visit fairs and events. You may even decide to sponsor a local event or sports team. All of this shows you are a valued part of the community, and one people will be more likely to visit.  

Set Up a Referral Scheme 

A referral scheme is a marketing tactic in which you ask current customers to bring new ones to your business. Once they recommend you and someone becomes a conversion as a result, you then reward the original customer. It may involve some kind of discount from your service. If you want to get people into a physical store, get them to bring a friend. You could do this on a special promotional day and see how the footfall increases.  

There are plenty of tactics to try but the most important is to be part of the Cerritos community. Once you have a great product and service, the rest will come easily.