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Mobile Gaming Tech to Boost Gameplay Performance

Does your game lag? Do you sometimes feel that everybody else has perfect aims and movements while you always miss the mark? There could be underlying device issues. Fortunately, there is a solution. Using the latest mobile gaming tech, you can boost your gameplay performance in many ways.

There are hardware and software-based mobile tech that can eliminate your aiming, movements, and lag problems. This guide will explain what hardware aspects might be putting you off. It will also mention the software enhancement and advanced strategies to improve gaming.

I. Essential Mobile Tech for Enhanced Gameplay

Mobile gaming is pushing technology to new heights. This section will show why your opponent is better at gaming and what you need to catch up. Let’s start with the hardware and then move to software enhancements:

1.1. Hardware Upgrades for Smoother Performance

Are you tired of those long-loading screens and jittering imagery? It’s time to upgrade! Upgrading your hardware means upgrading your mobile gaming phone or tablet. We will see why your mobile phone may be causing your game to slow down and lag.

1.1.1. Processor or SoC

The SoC single-handedly processes all the data and graphics running in the game. The performance of your game depends on the processing capability of your mobile gaming device SoC.


The easiest way to check your processor and its performance is using a benchmark tool called Antutu Benchmark. Compare how your phone stacks up against other devices. If your processor is old, consider an upgrade. Some of the best gaming SoCs are:

  • Dimensity 9300
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • Exynos 2200

1.1.2. RAM

A typical game requires RAM above 4GB, which can ensure that the game has enough space to store its data. 6GB and above are ideal for best performance. Open-world or strategy games like GTA, Clash of Clans, PUBG, COD, etc., require more RAM for optimal performance.

Low RAM space will lead to abrupt frame drops and screen stutters, which can put you off your game. Consider upgrading your mobile gaming phone or tablet if your RAM exceeds 4GB.

1.1.3. Display: Refresh Rate and Resolution

It is the most critical aspect of visual performance. A high refresh rate means smoother gameplay and better response time for reaction. A higher resolution display will provide more detail within the same screen size.

For a mobile gaming phone or tablet, consider 120Hz or above refresh rate or a resolution that leads to at least 450ppi density.

Suppose you have all the hardware requirements but still face performance issues in gaming. Check for the software enhancements in the next section.

1.2. Software Enhancements for Optimized Gaming

1.2.1. Game Booster Apps

Some mobile phones come with pre-installed game boosters. However, you can still install game boosters readily available in app stores. Here are some of the famous names:

  • GearUP Game Booster: Lower Lag
  • Game Booster: Game Launcher
  • GFX Tool – Game Booster

1.2.3. Network Connection Optimization (WiFi vs. Mobile Data)

It’s best to uninstall unwanted applications installed on your mobile gaming device. If you cannot shorten your installed application list, improve your WiFi router or get a better mobile data network. Here are some of the tips:

  • Get a WiFi router with game-oriented features and the latest technologies like beamforming, ODFMA, and dual or tri-band technology.
  • For professional gaming, dedicate a router for your gaming needs.
  • Keep the router away from interference.
  • Place the router in an open space for better transmission.

II. Advanced Mobile Tech Strategies for Strategy Gamers

2.1. External Controllers for Enhanced Precision

Mobile gaming phone and tablet triggers are popular among shooter games. They can be equally beneficial in strategy or MOBA games. However, external controllers are best for all gaming genres. Razer Kishi V2, Steelseries Stratus+, and PowerA MOGA XP7-X are the best game controllers for multi-platform applications.

2.2. Cooling Units to Maintain Performance

SoC can get hot due to its massive processing responsibility. Gamers need to keep their device cool to avoid thermal throttling. Thermal throttling can decrease SoC performance and cause lag. Neveika, SakuraClub, and Razer Phone Cooler are some of the best cooling units.

III. Getting a Head Start with a Game Account

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IV. Conclusion

Gaming can be fun. Your favorite pass time can suddenly take a turn if your mobile gaming tech starts lagging. To eliminate the problem, start from your mobile device hardware. Check whether the SoC, RAM, and Display are outdated. Consider using game boosters and advanced WiFi routers. If none works, you can use game controllers and cooling units for your mobile gaming device.

These are simple solutions that anyone can follow to enhance their gaming performance. So try them out and see your gaming performance go up!