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Black Sails Returns to Netflix – Could This Lead to a New Season?

Black Sails was one of those shows that went under a lot of people’s radars when it first aired. The Starz offering ran for four seasons between 2014 and 2017 and had a reasonably satisfying ending. However, there is plenty of scope to reboot it and continue some of the plot threads.

The offering from Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine recently returned to Netflix and has been attracting a lot of attention. Due to the widespread popularity of pirates in the mainstream, it would make sense to bring it back for a fifth season.

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Black Sails as Epic as Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most epic series of all time and was watched by millions of people worldwide. Black Sails had a much smaller budget than the HBO title, but it has frequently been compared to the fantasy. Indeed, various reviews compared the two shows and deemed the swashbuckling offering to be superior.

Black Sails acts as a loose prequel to Treasure Island, featuring a few of the same characters and settings. It’s a tightknit plot that matures as it progresses, with some of the best action scenes in the history of television. The problem for Black Sails is that its first season is a slow burner. Viewers need to get through the initial set of episodes to be rewarded greatly. The cast is excellent, with Toby Stephens in the lead role. He’s joined by Jessica Parker Kennedy, Luke Arnold, and Zach McGowan, among others.

Pirate Themes are Hugely Popular in the Mainstream

The hype around the return of Black Sails on Netflix is arguably enough reason to make a fifth season. There’s also the fact that pirate themes are hugely popular in the mainstream and there’s a huge audience out there, hungry for more content.

In the gaming industry, the pirate genre is among the most popular. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, for instance, is often regarded as the best in the Ubisoft series. In iGaming, pirate themed games are ubiquitous. In the list of online casino Canada games, Dark Waters Power Combo is up there with the top options. The title features plenty of much-loved pirate tropes, such as the skull and crossbones and ghost ships.

Plenty of Avenues to Explore in a Fifth Season

At the end of Black Sails, the character arcs of some of the main characters were concluded. However, the final scene also left plenty of possibilities for a potential fifth season. Clara Paget and Toby Schmitz’ characters were ready to set sail on new adventures, so the series could continue with those two as the protagonists.

There’s also the option to go for a complete reboot and focus on a different period of the Golden Age of Piracy. That way, the series could enjoy a fresh start, but it would still appeal to the people who loved it before.

Black Sails is often mentioned as one of the shows people would love to see return. Now that it is back on Netflix, it could be the perfect time to release a new season.