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Beggin’ the Jersey Boys to Stay at the La Mirada Theatre

THE BOYS: from (l-r) Blake Burgess, Chris Fore, Carl Thomson, Noah Rivera and Taubert Nadalini star in the 3-D Theatricals, La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts & McCoy Rigby Entertainment production of “JERSEY BOYS,” directed by T.J. Dawson and now playing at La Mirada Theatre.

May 6, 2024

By Stepheny Gehrig

There has never been a show at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts more deserving of a standing ovation than this spring’s “Jersey Boys” production. 

Following the story of the Four Seasons’ origins and Frankie Valli’s rise to fame, “Jersey Boys” reaches beyond the starry depictions of success to portray the instability and hurdles that fame can bring. 

 “Jersey Boys” is a refreshing addition to this season’s productions, pushing the boundaries of the shows typically performed at the theater. 

From set design to costume design, each aspect of the show is outstanding. The captivating set design transports audiences to the ‘50s and ‘60s, and the costuming perfectly punctuates the setting.  

Despite the many songs throughout the show, the actors poured their hearts into each moment. The songs furthered each moment of the show and emphasized its storytelling nature. 

Passion shines through on stage as the actors and characters melt into one, and it seems almost as if the audience is watching Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons live on stage. Playing the role of Frankie Valli for the show on April 28 was understudy Gian Raffaele DiCostanzo, who did a fabulous job fulfilling the role. DiCostanzo fulfilled the role with such emotion and sincerity to perfectly capture Frankie Valli’s persona. 

With emotional moments at the forefront, a pivotal scene between DiCostanzo and Maggie Ek, who played Francine Valli, is stripped and authentic that it will move audiences to tears. 

Keep a keen eye out for Michael Ray Fisher’s performance. Fisher fulfilled multiple roles throughout the show. Fisher’s voice angelically reverberates throughout the theater, particularly in the final number.  

The dynamic between the cast is impeccable, mainly through those who make up the Four Seasons: Blake Burgess, playing Nick Massi; Chris Fore, playing Tommy DeVito; Taubert Nadalini, playing Bob Gaudio; and DiCostanzo, playing Frankie Valli. Something deeper than friendship, even brotherhood, is brought to the stage between these four — they embody a friendship so profound, it becomes a bond like family. 

Overall, this “Jersey Boys” production is well worth the watch. With its down-to-earth storyline and the actors’ ability to emotionally capture the audience, the show is phenomenal in all respects. The show tackles themes of love, loss, distrust, and loyalty, capturing the human experience on a profound level that honors the stories of Frankie Valli and the band members of the Four Seasons. 

The show does incorporate explicit language and is recommended for a mature audience. 

“Jersey Boys” will be at the La Mirada Theatre until May 12. Tickets range from $24 to $105, with $14 student tickets available and a military discount as well. To purchase tickets, visit Lamiradatheatre.com.