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Pico Rivera Launches Innovative Power Choice Program

December 14, 2023

Residents will be able to enroll in solar program with no upfront cost and without requiring a credit check

PICO RIVERA, DECEMBER 14, 2023  Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME)) is proud to announce the official launch of the Power Choice program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing residents with the opportunity to harness the benefits of solar power and battery storage without the burden of installation and ownership costs. This visionary program is made possible through a strategic partnership with Tesla and Participate.Energy.

“The Power Choice program is an innovative and equitable model for green energy adoption,” said Pico Rivera Mayor Andrew C. Lara. “It ensures that all Pico Rivera residents can enjoy the benefits of solar energy and backup power. We are proud to offer this program to our community as we take a significant step toward a more sustainable future.”

Through the Power Choice program, Tesla will install rooftop solar panels and Powerwall home batteries for existing PRIME customers who choose to enroll, all at no upfront cost and without requiring a credit check. The inclusion of Powerwalls allows homeowners to harness the renewable energy generated on-site, enhancing grid resilience and reducing transmission and delivery charges.

This pioneering program simplifies the entire process, handling everything from design and installation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for participants. Customers will only be responsible for the energy produced by the system and a monthly battery payment. PRIME will continue to serve as the power provider, and participants will receive a consolidated monthly bill, mirroring their current billing process.

In addition to the environmental benefits of solar energy, enrolled customers will gain access to backup power during Public Safety Power Shutoffs or in emergency situations, guaranteeing that they can make the most of the solar energy generated by their home system.

To find out more about the Power Choice Program and to sign up for this innovative energy solution, residents are encouraged to visit Power Choice Program Website.

The Power Choice program represents Pico Rivera’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and resilient energy future for all its residents, while also contributing to the global transition toward cleaner, renewable energy sources.