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Understanding How Solar Power Can Work for You

By Hunter Adams, Co-Founder – Detach Reset Solar

Municipalities in Los Angeles County like Cerritos are at the forefront of the solar revolution. Sunlight drenches California to such a degree that the state has emerged as an ideal location for solar arrays. 

Indeed, the city of Los Angeles currently leads the nation in the total amount of solar power produced, harvesting 649.9 megawatts of the sun’s power every year. What’s more, solar technology is now so efficient and cost-effective that homeowners can expect considerable economies from transitioning away from traditional coal-burning utilities. 

This renewable energy resource has also become reliable, since batteries can now store solar power for up to five days. Indeed, solar power has become such a practical solution that businesses, local governments, and other organizations are even adopting this approach to meet their energy needs.

Solar panels have declined in price

While solar panels used to be a niche technology that only the most dedicated environmentalists adopted, it is now being widely embraced. The reasons are simple: this energy solution can save you money.

While solar arrays might look expensive at first glance, new government programs help subsidize upfront costs with reduced taxes. These incentives pay not only for the panels themselves, but also for the labor involved in installing them. Thus, when calculating the cost of these systems, you can knock off up to 30 percent of the price.

Solar energy saves you money

Moreover, these panels start producing energy from the very first day they’re put into place, which immediately decreases the amount you’ll pay to your utility company. Every month, you’ll pay less. Over time, that amount will accumulate, and the panels will pay for themselves. 

The length of time it takes to reach this moment is called the “Solar Payback Period.” Usually, contemporary solar systems reach it after as little as six years.

If that wasn’t enough, today’s solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, meaning you’ll continue to pay less for energy for about 20 more years after you’ve paid for your panels and installation. Since you’re no longer forking that cash over to the gas company, you can use it for other things, like taking your family out to eat. 

How much money solar energy saves

According to an article in Forbes, the average American household “could see savings of up to $1,500 a year” from installing solar. Over the lifetime of the solar system, the authors point out, that could “easily” add up to $25,500 to $33,000. 

Just think: If you were to budget the same amount for energy as before and put the savings from solar into a dedicated savings account, you could finance a yearlong around-the-world vacation. To see what return on investment you could anticipate by shifting to solar, visit a solar payback calculator online and run the numbers for yourself.

How to protect your investment

To protect your investment and ensure your panels are running at peak efficiency, have them regularly checked, cleaned, and maintained.

Since solar arrays are located in open, outdoor areas that absorb sunlight best, they are also entirely exposed to the elements. Sticks and branches can fall on them or get stuck underneath them, and all kinds of dirt and grime can coat their surface, which blocks the system from reaching the sun. Animals can perceive the panels as convenient shelters and make their homes among the wires. 

All these things can lead to escalating problems if left unchecked, which is why a routine service plan is necessary to keep your solar system on track to realize your financial goals.

However, don’t try to clean and maintain your solar system yourself. Unfortunately, homeowners who don’t have specialized training and equipment can make mistakes that actually reduce their panels’ output. They might wipe their panels with soap, for instance, which leaves a residue that decreases the system’s performance, but this is counterproductive.

Instead, trust your solar systems to professionals who have the experience and knowledge to keep your panels functioning optimally.

Now’s the time to transition to solar

California is a solar powerhouse, so it only makes sense that residents of Cerritos would want a piece of the action. The good news is that solar panels are more inexpensive, reliable, and efficient than ever. Now is the time to transition to solar.

— Hunter Adams, the Founder and CEO of Detach Reset Solar, is a leader in the solar maintenance industry. He has successfully completed over 1200 solar projects, been actively involved in more than 2000 solar initiatives, and earned the trust of 700 companies nationwide.