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Unconventional but interesting games that influence the gaming industry


The gaming industry is very broad and multifaceted, and if you look for interesting solutions to suit your needs, you can literally find the ideal project for yourself.

You need to decide on your taste preferences, but to simplify the selection, we will compile a list of the most interesting and vibrant projects.

MMO RPG – World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the most recognizable gaming projects in the world, even among those who have never played it. The theme of orcs, the confrontation between the factions of the Horde and the Alliance, Zikurat and Azeroth – many movie and fantasy fans have heard these names.

You will like World of Warcraft because you can combine the online component of the project for many thousands of players and at the same time engage in a large number of mechanics to your liking, and it is not at all necessary to strive for high levels and rewards and just limit yourself to grinding.

You can even buy WoW gold and get everything you need without much effort to just enjoy the gameplay.

Main activities:

  • Quests
  • Raids
  • Grind
  • Professions


Complete story objectives to learn the history of Azeroth, gain experience and gold, and quickly progress through game levels and updates until you get to the current one – at the moment, this is Dragonflight with new islands, a flight and trade system, as well as an order table for production and sales of various items important to players.


WoW has dungeon mechanics that will give you unique gameplay when fighting against local bosses as part of a group.

A boss is a reinforced monster with a large supply of health, defense, attack and a unique drop list. People go to raids primarily for the sake of loot, and sometimes such valuable equipment of the legendary level, or boss accessories can be obtained in these places and only in them.

Each passage of the dungeon will open access to a new level of difficulty, which will entail increased rewards and experience in case of success, but will significantly increase the damage of the boss, the frequency of using his mechanics and attacks, which will jeopardize the life of the entire group, so each participant must be careful.


This is another name for hunting for the purpose of pumping, or extracting, resources.

Grinding is enjoyed by players who find relaxation in it, and there are entire projects that have focused on this mechanic – Path of Exile and Diablo.

You simply come to game locations, kill monsters in a fast or slow way, collect WoW gold, materials and other loot until you get bored, or your inventory is completely full.

You can farm monsters until you outgrow the location in level, or until you are rejected by this pumping format.


Collect resources and sell them in the profession system.

You will have two slots available to choose from, with which you can earn cheap World of Warcraft gold by selling extracted resources, or master the collecting and creating profession.


A cult project from the Rockstar Games company, which will take the player to an authentically created Los Angeles and will allow you to play as three heroes of different personalities, with the same goal, and try out the heist system.

GTA is known for its living cities, a strong storyline, and complete freedom of action – from doing business and managing a large number of vehicles to traveling across a large state.

When you go through the storyline and learn all the basic mechanics, you can go online, which has an expanded format of robberies, the opportunity to open a business office for receiving and delivering cargo, cars, weapons, purchasing various real estate and, most importantly, playing games with friends and other players in supplemented content that has been released for 10 years.

The Witcher 3

A project from SD Project RED, which has become one of the most iconic projects in the entire gaming industry throughout its existence.

The developers perfectly analyzed the entire history of the Witcher saga and not only recreated it, but supplemented the entire story, offering their own concept of vision for all the heroes, locations and environments.

The Witcher’s greatest strength is its advanced quest system, which follows a similar storyline with books and a choice system.

Often, you will choose between bad and very bad decisions and encounter very heartwarming stories that will bring a variety of emotions, both good and bad, depending on how immersed you are in the Herald’s conversations with other characters.

At the same time, you will meet all the other key characters – Ciri, Buttercup, Yennefer, Yarpen, Dykstra and Imgyr – the Emperor of Nilfgard.

CS 2

If you like session shooters, where each round is a separate story, even though the events take place on the same maps.

You will play a series of a maximum of 24 rounds until 13 wins, changing sides on the 7th.

You have access to the side of special forces, or terrorists and teams must destroy each other, plant, or defuse a bomb.

This is one of the most popular shooters that attracts a huge number of spectators during major eSports tournaments.

CS 2 is known for its skin system, which changes the appearance of weapons and operatives without playing any reinforcing role or making it stand out from everyone else.

Cyberpunk 2077

This is another project from SD Project RED, which maximally visualizes the concept of a possible future that awaits humanity within 50 years.

Robotization, class and sector division, strong separation of people and corporations.

On the positive side, humanity has already fully switched to a system of chipping and implants to enhance basic human parameters – hearing, vision, charm, strength of arms and legs and other potential human characteristics.

You will go through a storyline that is no less interesting than in The Witcher 3. You will choose your side, or rather a faction, which will affect the beginning of the game and the first tasks, but after that you will still come to the main storyline, where the choice will directly affect life and death of everyone around you.

Choose a street to rise from the very bottom, or a corporation to feel like you are in the role of the local elite, at least not to start on the street.