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City of Orange Will Get Its Second Goodwill

October 9, 2023

By Brian Hews

Area residents enjoyed th former Big Lots in the Home Depot Center on Tustin and Taft…until it suddenly closed.

But now there is new construction going on.

Putting gas in my car, this publisher noticed a Goodwill poster with workers inside.

I qsked them and they confirmed, Goodwill also confirmed and indicated the store will open by December.

In 2012, Goodwill tried to open a store in Cerritos near Artesia Blvd. and Camenita, but it was shot down by then Mayor Pro-Tem Bruce Barrows who opposed the project because “it was the wrong fit for the community.” Many residents protested on the wrong-headed assumption that homeless would hang out around the store.

LCCN ran an informal poll on the store with 65% voting for a store and 35% against. and received many letters to the editor on the subject.