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October 2, 2023

LCCN Staff Report

Blue (left) and Bodhi are still searching for a forever home!

Blue came to us with a sister from a kill shelter, unfortunately his sister passed away due to medical issues. Blue was sad and lonely. So along came Bodhi! Bodhi was stuck in a car for 5 days and when he was finally saved, he needed over twenty stitches to close a wound cause by being stuck in the car engine.

After recovering from surgery, we introduced Blue (right) and Bodhi and they were immediately BEST FRIENDS! Bodhi was so thankful for being saved, he has continued to show humans his appreciation but giving lots of head rugs, kisses, and cuddles. Bodhi is also a great alarm clock (see video lol). Blue loves to sleep right next to his people and gets along with everyone. 

These boys both have the BEST personalities. They welcome everyone who comes into our home and are always out and about playing or cuddling. 

If you are looking to bring life and love into your home, these boys are for YOU. They are about 6 months old now. Both are neutered, litter box trained, vaccinated, and healthy!

Click here to go to site to adopt!

Click here to go to site to adopt!