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Trader Joe’s recalls popular crackers for possibly containing metal

The rear side of the Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe’s has had four recalls in the last month.Diane Macdonald / Getty Images\

Trader Joe’s just recalled one of its popular snacks over concerns that the product might contain foreign materials, specifically metal.

In an email sent to customers on Aug. 17, the grocery chain announced a recall for Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers with Sunflower and Flax Seeds. Products with a SKU number of 76156 and a “best if used by” date of March 1, 2024 through March 5, 2024 were affected.

The retailer noted that it first learned about the possible metal contamination from its supplier.

“No injuries have been reported to date, and all potentially affected product has been removed from sale and destroyed,” Trader Joe’s wrote in its email.

The recalled crackers.
The recalled crackers.Trader Joe’s

In its message, Trader Joe’s encouraged customers who are currently in possession of the crackers to throw them out or return them to a retail store for a full refund.

The grocery chain also urged consumers with any questions to contact them via email or call the Trader Joe’s Customer Relations hotline at 626-599-3817 Monday and Friday between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

This is the fourth Trader Joe’s recall in less than a month. On July 21, the chain announced that it was recalling two cookie varieties for possible contamination with rocks.

The recall affected Almond Windmill Cookies with a SKU number of 98744 and sell by dates of Oct. 19 through Oct. 21, and Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies with a SKU number of 82752 and sell by dates of Oct. 17 through Oct. 21.

Days later, the Food and Drug Administration released a report about a recall of Trader Joe’s Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup, citing “insects in the frozen broccoli florets.” The recall applied to 20-ounce containers of the soup sold in the following states: Florida, Illinois, California, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

And on July 28, Trader Joe’s recalled its Fully Cooked Falafel (SKU number 93935) that’s sold in over 30 states for possible contamination with rocks.