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What 5 Strategies Can Be Used to Achieve Better Results in Online Casinos

Playing slot machines is highly dependent on luck. All spin results will randomly generate a combination, and even at virtual card tables, cards will be randomly dealt with by the generation system. That is why the audience often asks the question: “How to increase the efficiency of my bets?”.

To do this, professional players advise using special strategies. Due to them customers’ behavior on the online casino website will be guided by appropriate tips that will help to get better results and more productive winnings. Therefore, to make leisure time on the online casino not only pleasant but also more effective, we offer 5 prevalent strategies for playing.

What Strategy to Use?

Each of the following strategies will have its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Therefore, users should familiarize themselves with the concept of each option and choose the one that best suits their needs and expectations. 

Some strategies are based on bonuses. They advise regularly receiving gifts to get acquainted with the company’s assortment. For example, players should not forget to use a welcome no deposit bonus, offered by the platform. This will also directly affect the efficiency of the game and future results. Other strategies are based on the fact that they regulate the technical part of the betting process.

The Zigzag Strategy

It is one of the first strategies that is often used by casino players around the world. Due to the active representation of popular gambling providers, online casinos have a large collection of thematic slot machines of different genres and types. That is why professional players do not want to play only one specific game all the time. 

The Zigzag strategy is based on this concept. It helps to diversify the process of regular betting and make periodic changes. The first steps to play with this strategy are to bet on the minimum limits. The player chooses one interesting slot, sets a limit, and starts spinning the reels. If the participant does not get the appropriate result after 10-20 spins, he changes the slot and repeats these steps. Thus, the trajectory of the “zigzag” movement allows users to test several different slots and find a really profitable machine for playing at high limits.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy is particularly popular among gamblers. This is due to its extraordinary efficiency, which the Martingale strategy can demonstrate in practice. It can be used not only for the slots category but also for the entire range of online casino games: card tables, game shows, instant games, etc. 

The main feature of the Martingale strategy is to double the bet after each loss, and after winning, return the limit to the initial one:

  1. The player places a bet.
  2. If the bet loses, double the next bet to make up for the loss.
  3. If the bet wins, the player will get back what he lost with the first bet.
  4. If the bet loses, double the next bet again. And so on, until the bet wins.

This allows users to recover lost money and stay in the game longer with a whole bankroll. Although the strategy is imperfect, it helps to use money rationally and allows players to take an active position in the slot machine for a longer time.

“All or Nothing” Strategy

This strategy is not often used among players, but it can also bring good results. Its concept is that a participant chooses a suitable slot machine, launches the game, and immediately starts spinning the themed reels at the highest possible limits.

This strategy can be used by everyone: both players with $20 on their personal game account and those with a much larger deposit. The difference will be in the difference in possible winnings. After all, a maximum bet of $100 will bring a much bigger result than the same bet of $20.

The Strategy of a Rational Game

Of course, it is worth mentioning the strategy of rational play. The recognizable properties of this strategy are moderation, caution, and the correct distribution of one’s own capabilities. 

The key essence of this strategy is as follows:

  • objective decisions,
  • a clear analysis of our own potential,
  • rational use of money.

The strategy of rational play takes into account such an aspect as a temporary break after constant losing spins. Since the system of each slot machine depends on the random generation of combinations, a player can find himself in a situation where a large number of generated combinations are unsuccessful or low-paying. Therefore, players should take a break or change this slot to another one.

Parlay System

The main feature of this strategy is a constant positive progression of bets. That is, a player who decides to use the Parlay system as a basis for their game should increase the bet size after each win. 

This strategy is gaining more and more popularity, as it is a complete opposition to the well-known Martingale strategy. That is why it is often called the Anti-Martingale strategy. It is also quite simple and straightforward to use. 

In practice, the game according to the Parlay system will look like this: a player launches the slot and places the first bet of $5. Provided that the user receives a win with a coefficient of x2 (i.e. $10), then for the next spin, bettors should increase the size of their bet to the amount of their last win, i.e. $10. After the next win, the player has to bet $20, then $40, and even later – $80, and so on. However, it is worth remembering that after each loss, the participant must reduce the bet limit to the initial one.

Final Words

Each strategy has some general tips that the user can partially edit, add their own insights, and form a completely personalized and unique strategy for their own winnings. Therefore, only with practice, players will understand how to improve a particular gambling strategy.