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What Do The Marlins Need to Become Championship Contenders?


Miami Marlins’ 2023 journey has been very rocky. It was an extreme roller coaster ride, to say the least, but if you’re a fan, you must want to know how the team might be doing for the upcoming games. With how they’ve been doing in the past games, some fans might be worried about the injury news. Here’s what we think about what the Marlins need to do to become championship contenders.

Past Performances

The Marlins lost 93 games in 2022, making 2023 the make-or-break year for the Miami Marlins. The team aims for the top, with how they put Skip Schumaker in charge as their new manager. The Marlins had also upgraded their team by scouting infielders Luis Arraez and Jean Segura, reliever JT Chargois, and right-hander Johnny Cueto.

The team’s 2022 opening performance was great, giving a 12-8 record, but injuries caught up and exposed the team’s lack of depth. Injuries are unavoidable, but the team must be quick to find a resolution so they can keep going. Injuries caused the team to shuffle the lineup in order to continue the rotation.

Still, more injuries happened, and that caused the Marlins to lose many games in the past year. In the hope that the team learned from the injury happenings in 2022, Marlins’ fans were looking forward to the 2023 season. However, if you’re one of the Marlins’ fans, you must’ve known that history might just repeat itself judging from the Marlins’ conditions.

Injuries and Recent Games: Factors to Consider When Placing Bets


The Marlins riled up the fans by promoting the team’s top prospect, Eury Perez, to the majors. It was a clear move made to aim for the top position, and the decision excited fans. It gave a sense of awareness and proof to the fans that the team knows what they’re doing, and they’re aiming high in 2023.

However, the excitement didn’t last long as injury after injury occurred to the Miami Marlins. People who enjoy top betting sites know how injuries can change many things, so it was truly shocking news after a series of great updates from the team. Three terrible injuries struck the Miami Marlins in a three-day stretch during a season that has witnessed far more than those three injuries. The injury caused the team to face six weeks without having their All-Star Jazz Chsisholm Jr., their top slugger Jesus Sanchez who was declared absent indefinitely, and closer A.J. Puk, who will rest for two weeks.

Inducing Avisail Garcia, who had been injured previously, the Marlins’ entire starting outfield is injured. The loss of Puk might have the biggest influence, as he’s arguably the best player on the team after Luis Arraez. On the other hand, Chisholm was the team’s franchise face. Those injuries were nothing to look down at.

Still, the team has to go on. They’ve already set their eyes forward to grab a win, and they must find a way to break through with what they have left on hand.

What The Marlins Must Do Next

The team does have a choice of waiting until they get back all their star players. That way, they can get the team back on track. However, that strategy might sink the franchise instead, as using the injuries as an excuse won’t be acceptable to the fanbase any longer. As mentioned above, injuries are unavoidable, and the Marlins had faced similar setbacks before. This is the best time to show what they’ve learned from their past performances and show the fans their determination.

Rather than forcing their capable players to play other positions like before, the Marlins must find another way to keep the rhythm going. It wasn’t just about what happened in 2022, but the Marlins had gone through the same problem from years before. The only smooth year for the Marlins was 2003 when the team won their second championship.

The Marlins’ Path to Championship

The Miami Marlins looked good at the beginning of 2023. The way the roster was constructed, their performance on the field, everything had raised up fans’ expectations. If the Marlin genuinely wants to break forward, they must change many things. At this point, any change will do, as only winning can bring respect back to the Marlins. As long as they stay consistently competitive, more often than not, the organizations will make the best plan that guarantees more wins than losses.

Many local Miami sports markets have set a great example that the Marlins can follow. The Miami Dolphins made the playoffs, and the Miami Heat proved their strength and won the series. They can find top talents, elite coaches, and solid front offices all over South Florida. As long as the Marlins are determined to be more aggressive and willing to make changes to bring more fire to the team, winning isn’t impossible.