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That’s Edutainment!!! The 2023 Pageant of the Masters ‘Art Colony’ at Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Now Through September 1, 2023

Kiss the Hand segment during the Pageant.

July 10, 2023

By Lydia E. Ringwald

Now celebrating its 90th year, the internationally lauded Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, is unique as a both educational and entertaining theatrical production.

Living tableaux renditions of artworks, intermingled with live performances, historical photographs and a narrative with insights into the artworks and lives of artists and  are bound together into multi-media production with original music arrangements and rich sound of a full orchestra.

This theme for this year’s Pageant is ‘Art Colony: In the Company of Artists’ explores the memorable stories of artists from various historical time periods, who supported each other and often collaborated together to forge their new vision into an art movement.

The show opens highlighting artworks of the entourage of Impressionist painters including Claude Monet, Eduard Manet and August Renoir who introduced an ‘impressionist’ vision of shimmering natural color and light.

The enchanting narrative then references the Renaissance, one of the greatest and most profound collaboration of artists in the art history of the Western world that includes tableaux of Michelangelo’s famous ‘Pieta’ sculpture, along with the glazed terra cotta ‘Annunciation’ by Luca della Robbia and the enchanting decorative bejeweled ‘Salt Cellar’ by Benvenuto Cellini.

The story continues on an Artist’s Journey featuring the striking paintings of John Singer Sargent and artistic collaborations of artists at the Academie Julian in Paris, then makes a transition to New York City exploring artists John Sloan, George Benjamin Luks in the “Ashcan School’ whose gritty images explore the street life of the common working people.

Artworks referencing the art colony at Taos, New Mexico include tableaux of Zuni Kachina sculptures, the votive artwork of the native American people the artwork of the native people that inspired the paintings of artists who traveled to Taos and founded art colonies there.

The entourage of artists of the Belle Epoque surrounding Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec includes live dancers and singers, the Denizens of the Demimonde’ of Moulin Rouge‘ that inspired Toulouse-Lautrec’s iconic master works and Loie Fuller, dancing in ecstasy in flowing diaphanous gowns.

Contemporary artistic collaborations explore the artists of the Harlem Renaissance and visit East L.A.’s Chicano Art community with a final highlight featuring the art colony in Laguna Beach, with its beautiful coastline that has attracted artists over the generations from the original plein-air painters, then later in time into the 1960s to highlight the art of respected Laguna Beach artist, Roger Kuntz.

Tickets to this stunning show are available at Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters www.foapom.com with entry that includes an opportunity to wander through the Festival of Arts to view art before the 8:30 pm show in the amphitheater begins.

Visit the art show

Artists in the Festival each offer their individual unique aesthetic. A few highlights include the intriguing iconographic paintings of Judith Haron and Wendy Wirth’s shimmering oceanscapes and dusky, fragrant desertscapes.

Cheryl Walsh.

When wandering through the amazing ‘maze’ of artists booths, also visit Michael Situ, who paints his illuminating landscapes and seascapes on location. You may also find him with paint and pallet at his booth in the Festival of Arts.

Be amazed by Jilly Maytorena’s unique combination of embroidery on canvas and Cheryl Walsh’s underwater photography exploring the mythology of mermaids.

In 30 minute sessions, Artist/photographer Cheryl Walsh captures her models in the undulating watery depths flaunting flowing diaphanous gowns and flashing sleek fishtails, suspended in beauty for an evanescent and magical moment in time.

Wendy Wirth.

The Pageant and Festival of Arts also offers an opportunity for families to enjoy and share art together for the entire summer season.

Click the Festival of Arts for a schedule of live performances on the Festival grounds stage and an array of art classes and workshops for both children and adults, all included with an entry ticket to the Festival of Arts.

Enjoy the ambiance and bring a picnic at the lovely Festival of Arts tables that surround the stage area and savor a glass of wine while listening to live jazz, blues and soft rock.

Education and Entertainment.   That’s Edutainment!!

The Pageant of the Masters and the Festival of the Arts offers art patrons opportunities to indulge in a pleasurable and delightful learning experience, where learning itself is a delight and where education and entertainment merge into the thrilling feeling of enlightenment.

A ticket to the Pageant also includs entry to the Festival of Arts. Or purchase a summer pass to the Festival for repeated visits to enjoy concerts and complimentary art classes throughout the summer season.

“That’s Edutainment”!!!