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2022 was a golden year for casinos in the U.S.: grossed $60 billion

The year 2022 has gone on record for the best casinos in the United States, with more than $60 billion in takings. Figures released by the American Gaming Association, the gambling industry’s national trade group, show that in-person remains the industry’s bread and butter, accounting for more than 80 percent of its revenue.

In 2022, Americans played a lot at physical casinos

The figures do not include tribal casinos (licensed to operate in designated areas with autonomy and jurisdiction for Native Americans), which report their revenues separately. 

But, according to one estimate, tribal casinos could record an additional $41 billion in revenue, bringing the entire industry over the $100 billion mark. So, to measure the turnover, gaming revenue would roughly equal the amount of money raised by beer sales in the United States.

“Our industry far exceeded expectations in 2022,” said Bill Miller, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. “American adults are choosing casino games for entertainment in record numbers, benefiting communities and taking market share away from the predatory and illegal market.” 

Last year, the $60.4 billion by casinos was up nearly 14 percent from 2021. The association ranked gambling markets based on in-person winnings at table games, slot machines, and over-the-counter sports betting but excluded online and casino games. 

It is impossible to exactly quantify how many Americans bet or play online casinos because they often use a VPN since playing online is still illegal in many states.

However, let’s take roulette as an example. In that case, usually, many more people prefer to play where and when they want and choose the budget they want, which is why online roulette is better than physical roulette. The same happens with all other games of chance. 

So, if we could add any kind of online games and betting to the statistics, the numbers would increase tremendously. 

The states in the U.S. where most people play at physical casinos are:

  • Las Vegas ($8.2 billion, up 17 percent)
  • Atlantic City ($2.8 billion, up 8.5 percent)
  • Baltimore-Washington DC ($2.2 billion, up 8.7 percent
  •  The Chicago region covering parts of Illinois and Indiana ($2.1 billion, up 6.1 percent)
  • The Mississippi Gulf Coast (1.6 billion, down 0.5 percent)
  • New York City (1.5 billion, up 2.6 percent)
  • Philadelphia (1.4 billion, down 1.8 percent)
  • Detroit (1.3 billion, down 1.4 percent)
  • The St. Louis market (1.3 billion, down 1.4 percent)
  • The St. Louis market (1.5 billion, up 2.8 percent)
  • Louis covers parts of Missouri and Illinois (1.1 billion, up 3.6 percent)
  • Boulder Strip in Nevada (966 million, virtually unchanged from last year)

The association said 84 million U.S. adults, or 34 percent of the adult population, visited a casino in the past year, including newly opened markets in Nebraska and Virginia. In addition, sports betting continued to overgrow in 2022, setting new records for the total amount wagered (93.2 billion) and sports betting revenue (7.5 billion).

Is there a future also for online gambling in the United States?

The elimination of the PASPA law has kicked off a gold rush in online casinos in the United States. Many states have already legalized some forms of online gambling, while most have begun to develop procedures that will soon enable online casinos in all states.

Effect of U.S. online gambling on the international market

Did you know that many offshore online casinos host gamblers based in the United States? This number will surely decrease as more states open permits for online betting and casinos. Most users prefer to play at home rather than rely on outside companies!

Anticipating this move, several casinos have opened free gaming sites in many U.S. states. The goal is to build a database of users that can be quickly turned into loyal depositing players.

Many people prefer to play online because online casinos offer all-inclusive betting, with extensions growing daily. Some of these options include:

  1. Live casinos: this is a simulation of Las Vegas-style walk-in casinos. It features an interactive live dealer and tables.

  2. Sports betting: Besides the big four, soccer, baseball, field hockey, and basketball, the casinos allow players to bet on most world types. From the professional team to international competition. Major series and television events allow players to cheer on their favorite teams while lining their pockets.

  3. Live poker: Poker rooms are the favorite skill games of high rollers and the popular James Bond series. Poker was made famous by the WSOJ and offshore sportsbooks, which added it to their all-inclusive games.

  4. Betting on eSports: eSports is the trend of betting on computerized team competition. It is more like betting on fantasy sports games.

  5. Bingo: the oldest form of table game, now part of online platforms, is a typical city game for adult women and some men.

These games and more will soon be available in every state in the United States, so we citizens must act quickly enough to play online casinos from the comfort of our homes!