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Deputies Investigating Brawl at Norwalk-Mayfair Baseball Game

April 28, 2023

Norwalk and Mayfair baseball team got into a huge fight after Norwalk won 3-2 started after a team member walked out to shake hands holding a broom on Wednesday in Lakewood.

The victory meant the Norwalk Lancers swept Mayfair and would advance in the playoffs … and in order to celebrate the occasion, one of the Lancers’ players brought the broom.

Fans in the crowd, though, didn’t appreciate the sweep taunt … and you can hear in footage from the scene, one person yelled, “Put your broom in the dugout! Respect the game!”

Mayfair players clearly didn’t like it either … and seconds later, the brawl started.

Parents even got in the middle of it … with some calling players on the field extremely derogatory names.

A different angle of the fight shows several players threw punches in the skirmish … and on Friday, the Lakewood Sheriff’s Department said officer did respond to the scene and an investigation is now underway.